Firm Central: Legal matter and billing management software

Firm Central: Legal matter and billing management software

The cloud-based matter management and billing solution designed for high-street law firms and sole practitioners. We can show you what it’s like on the cloud.

What is Firm Central?

Firm Central is matter and billing management software designed with high-street law firms and sole practitioners in mind. It streamlines business operations and legal practice workflows onto one platform so you can easily and inexpensively adapt as your needs grow more complex.

Spotlight on time and billing management: Time and billing management features in Firm Central make time tracking, expense management, and client billing fast, flexible and accurate. (1:48)

How does it work?

Everything you store on Firm Central is scanned, indexed and stored in electronic folders. You can find what you need in seconds — including documents from Practical Law — and easily share across your law firm. The information is kept in a secure Thomson Reuters data centre that uses state-of-the-art technology to keep your firm’s information confidential and accessible.


That's how often our data centres employ security monitoring. We also encrypt information on our servers so that it meets the Law Society standards.

Available on your mobile

Leaving the office to meet a client and want to keep track of your tasks, matter information or client billing status? Firm Central can be easily accessed on your mobile device, anywhere, anytime.

Cloud technology is rapidly redefining matter management

“You have this incredible opportunity now with what’s available with cloud… incredible systems have come online for communicating and running things and all of the backend processes of the firm. So if you’re not taking advantage of those, you’re really missing a trick.” Alex Hamilton, CEO & Founder Radiant Law

Hear how fellow legal professionals discuss the advances that could advance you (2:22)
Is a paperlight office possible? It is when your workstreams come together onto one digital interface. Watch how Firm Central does just that. (1:48)

Work faster and smarter with Firm Central

Learn how Firm Central can improve your matter management, increase your productivity and streamline your communication with clients.

Capabilities and features

Handles matter management and legal tracking

  • Links to Practical Law
  • Indexes searches and scans documents
  • Organises matter into individual folders
  • Works from one digital interface

Innovates legal document storage and sharing

  • Stores information in a secure UK-based data centre
  • Uses cloud technology
  • Provides flexible and mobile access to documents
  • Encourages remote sharing
  • Allows adding emails directly into matter folders while in Outlook

Enhances colleague and client communication

  • Integrates with Outlook calendar and email
  • Tracks all matters through a single dashboard
  • Offers a secure client portal
  • Builds law firm CRM
  • Sets cross-stream alerts and reminders for all matters

Track your time and manage client billing

  • Track your time to matters
  • Manage expenses and track payments
  • Handle Trust Account activity
  • Create and issue invoices via the secure client portal
  • Gain an accurate and organised view of your legal billing