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Westlaw IE

Do more with trusted, authoritative content from Round Hall combined with innovative technology

Make a more powerful and reliable connection with Irish law

Thomson Reuters Westlaw IE helps you find the legal information you are looking for quickly and confidently so you can build the strongest argument possible. Dating back to 1871, Westlaw IE includes more than 20,000 full text cases, consolidated Irish Court Rules, legislation, journals, analysis, and current awareness tools. It’s everything you need for Irish law – all in one place.

Why Westlaw IE?

Be confident with trusted, authoritative content

Access the most comprehensive collection of Irish legal information, including content from Thomson Reuters Round Hall and Sweet & Maxwell.

Find relevant, on-point case law faster

See Irish case law, legislation, expert commentary, analysis, and news in sharper focus than ever before.

Quickly get up to speed on legal issues

Westlaw IE's user-friendly layout helps you quickly identify key information and use it to your best advantage.

Books on Westlaw IE

westlaw ie books

Excellent analytical commentary, including 30 Round Hall titles, links to cases, legislation, and court rules.

Key features:

  • Browser-friendly tables of contents, index, and tables of legislation and case that saves time when locating content
  • Firm-wide availability
  • Pop-up footnotes

What our customers are saying

Practising law without Westlaw IE would be like having a library with no books.
Westlaw IE has been an invaluable resource for our practice and we are delighted with the service.

The Power to Deliver Faster

Westlaw IE is now used daily by law firms, barristers, government bodies, in-house counsel, academic institutions, and thousands of legal professionals across Ireland and worldwide.

Be confident with expert information from Round Hall

Westlaw IE includes publications by Round Hall, the Irish Legal Publisher. Established since 1980, Round Hall has been the legal imprint of Irish Academic Press. Access the most comprehensive Irish legal information, including case law, legislation, court rules, journals, and current awareness.

Case Law

We provide access to a vast collection of case law dating back to 1871, including over 20,000 full text case reports from Ireland's leading law reporting services. All available at the click of a button.


  • Irish Law Reports Monthly
  • Employment Law Reports
  • Irish Law Times Reports

It also includes over 3,000 case digests from:

  • Irish Current Law Monthly Digest
  • Irish Law Times

In addition, we have the full archive of:

  • Sweet & Maxwell’s Human Rights Law Reports (UK)
  • Sweet & Maxwell’s European Human Rights Law Reports (UK)


Westlaw IE offers an indispensible legislation service. It brings you three unique and invaluable versions of legislation; consolidated, annotated, and digested legislation, making it quicker than ever for you to keep up to date with changes.

Court rules

Search, browse and download from our consolidated Irish Court Rules. Read digests of cases and link through to full-text versions. Download, print, and email forms for the Circuit and District Courts, and browse through practice notes and further reference information.


Search, share, and digest a vast collection of legal journals wherever you are.

Full Text Journals:

  • Commercial Law Practitioner
  • Construction, Engineering and Energy Law Journal
  • Conveyancing and Property Law Journal
  • Dublin University Law Journal
  • Hibernian Law Journal
  • Irish Criminal Law Journal
  • Irish Employment Law Journal
  • Irish Planning and Environmental Law Journal
  • Irish Probate Law Journal - NEW
  • Irish Law Times
  • Irish Journal of Family Law
  • Irish Journal of Practice and Procedure
  • Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland
  • The Irish Jurist

The Irish Legal Journals Index (ILJI)

The Legal Journals Index is an extremely popular journals abstract service totally unique to Westlaw IE and Westlaw UK.

At a glance you can see the key points of an article and whether or not you need to read it in its entirety. Links to the full-texts versions are provided where available.

Publications Indexed

Publications Indexed provides bibliographical information on each legal periodical published in the British Isles of relevance to Irish law.

Current Awareness

Our Current Awareness service highlights the latest developments in case law, legislation, statutory instruments, government material, and selected relevant business news in Ireland.

The Current Awareness service is updated daily to keep you constantly abreast of the latest case developments.

Westlaw IE current awareness coverage includes:

  • Case law
  • Legislation
  • Legal and regulatory news
  • European Union
  • Government publications
  • Regulatory and non-regulatory news
Westlaw IE

Everything you need for Irish law – all in one place