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Document and contract templates

Legal standard documents and contract templates from Thomson Reuters.

Contract templates and standard documents

Having a trusted market-leading standard document, skeleton argument or legal contract template which you can call on at any moment allows your team to increase agility and efficiency when dealing with various stakeholders of a transaction.
Meticulously reviewed and updated by our team of over 300 UK based ex-practitioners, Thomson Reuters suite of document templates, contract templates and agreement templates are constantly maintained at a best-of-class standard. 

Get the perfect legal starting point with legal document, contract and agreement templates

Standard Documents, Clauses and drafting notes
Reliable and trusted market-leading standard documents, useful clauses, boilerplate, letters and court forms to help you prepare agreements more quickly. Market familiarity with Practical Law standard documents benefits all parties to a transaction, speeding up the process, keeping the focus of negotiations on substantive issues and helping all those involved to work more efficiently.

Draft documents faster
Fast Draft is a free tool available with your Practical Law subscription. It enables you to create advanced drafts of documents much quicker than using manual drafting processes. Depending on the complexity of your document, you can produce client-ready documents in half the time. Fast Draft offers nearly 300 Standard Documents across a variety of Practice Areas.

Contract Law Covered
Chitty on Contracts provides complete insight into contract law – allowing you to establish the responsibilities, obligations and entitlements of each party and achieve the best outcome for your client. Whenever you draft a contract, Chitty offers expert interpretation of the legal position, ensuring you have taken every eventuality into account. And as you negotiate with the other party you can check that you aren't missing anything vital, using Chitty to back up your arguments.

Checklists & Flowcharts
Access quick-reference reminders for use in common transactions to ensure you’ve covered everything.