Drafting Assistant: Legal document analysis and review

Drafting Assistant: Legal document analysis and review

The analysis tool that halves the time spent proofreading legal documents. We can assist in figuring out if it's right for your needs.

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What is Drafting Assistant?

Drafting Assistant is a legal proofreading solution that works within Microsoft Word. Designed for law firms of all sizes and in-house legal teams, it scans your legal documents intelligently in seconds, alerting you to errors, inconsistencies, missing information and more.

How does it work?

Drafting Assistant instantly identifies open issues, defined term errors, inconsistencies and more, directly in the word processor as you are drafting a contract or working on a third-party legal document. You can then jump to potential drafting mistakes to review and correct if needed or share with colleagues via email.


Average amount of time saved on reviewing documents with Drafting Assistant, according to a recent Thomson Reuters study.

Capabilities and features

Proofreads your documents, saving resources needed for review

  • Catches errors, inconsistencies, missing information and more
  • Scans documents in seconds
  • Analyses and checks your documents and those from other parties for common legal drafting errors
  • Allows results sharing with colleagues by email

Outputs documents that reflect the latest market practice

  • Accesses Practical Law Standard Documents and Clauses
  • Integrates with your Practical Law content directly in Microsoft Word
  • Integrates with your Westlaw UK subscription
  • Verifies the status of citations with a citation checking tool

Can you find as many errors in 3 minutes as Drafting Assistant can find in 10 seconds?


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