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Westlaw UK: The leading legal research service

Westlaw UK is a dynamic, ever-growing and easily searchable source of case law, legislation, news, legal journals, commentary, current awareness alerts and EU legal materials.

What is Westlaw UK?

Westlaw UK draws on over 200 years of experience to deliver the most relevant legal information faster and more accurately than anyone else. We do this by investing in our people, process, and technology.

Introducing Westlaw UK
Why law firms use Westlaw UK

We ensure that our customers have an unmatched library of legal information and know-how. Thomson Reuters legal online services are structured to suit the needs of your organisation – use our comparison table to discover which content package will deliver the legal knowledge you need.
To discuss your requirements and for pricing information, speak to an account manager today.

Westlaw UK provides us with up to date case law and legislation, which is imperative in giving accurate advice to clients. We are really pleased with the service, and have absolutely no regrets about substantively moving our online legal services provider to Westlaw UK.

Why subscribe to Westlaw UK?

Primary law for all

The only provider of fully consolidated, annotated legislation for UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with legislative bills and bill trackers. Case Analysis documents help you digest the outcome and meaning of a case, fast.

More than traditional legal research

Besides primary law, there are journals, EU materials, extensive news sources, over 300 commentary titles (from the Sweet & Maxwell portfolio) – all with added features and functionality designed to increase efficiency.

Up-to-the-minute information

With Current Awareness updated every five minutes, status icons across all cases and legislation to notify you of out-of-date law, pending amendments or appeals and alert features, you can be sure you’re always using the most authoritative, up-to-date content.


Westlaw UK carefully analyses large accounts of session laws while also providing the most accurate and up-to-date version of the law.


Access legislation for all 4 UK jurisdictions, including Bills and incorporate amendments from Bills into enacted legislation.


Westlaw UK has a wide variety of content, including over 500,000 case analysis documents, over 2 million legislation documents and 900,000+ journal documents.

Westlaw UK is a much more in depth and practical tool for the modern lawyer than any other product on the market that I have used previously.

Let's discuss your specific needs and see if this product is right for you.