Introducing Westlaw Edge UK

Introducing Westlaw Edge UK

The most insightful legal research service on the market

The Westlaw you know. Now even better.

Gain a strategic advantage with Westlaw Edge UK, our next generation legal solution powered by over 200 years of expert legal content. Stay ahead of regulatory change, close out case research more effectively and navigate legal divergence with the EU with confidence.

Coming soon, Westlaw Edge UK allows you to carry out more efficient and insightful research than ever before. Reduce the risk of missing key information, and give your team the tools to meet increasing expectations from your client or organisation.

Be more confident

Transform your research process through meaningful data visualisation. Spend less time compiling your case research with interactive diagrams that expose and analyse relevant cases at the click of a button. Only focus on the cases that matter and be sure that you have exhausted your research.

Be more aware

Simplify the laborious process of comparing EU and UK content, understand how the legislation diverges and deviates, and communicate this to your clients with ease. Stay one step ahead with the latest amendments and their impact, both now and in the future.

Be more proactive

Anticipate the likely impact of legislative change so you can deliver the best advice. Move away from manual checking, so you can focus on the work that matters most. Be sure that if anything changes, you’ll be instantly notified and can pre-empt demands.

Be more efficient

Easily pinpoint research and link together information in a vast legal landscape with expert analysis. Go beyond search results lists with suggested relevant research and resources tailored to your needs.

Research confidently with Westlaw Edge UK

Learn how to leverage Westlaw Edge’s powerful features from the start with expert training from our in-house team to help you apply these advanced tools to your specific research process.

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