Legal Tracker: Managing your legal department

Legal Tracker: Managing your legal department

The most widely used legal department management system globally that gives complete visibility over all your legal work and costs.

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What is Legal Tracker?

Legal Tracker is the world's leading legal matter management, e-billing and legal analytics system designed for in-house lawyers. It gives leaders clear visibility and direct insight into the workload, cases and costs happening across their team, whatever its size.

How can you better manage your legal department? With Legal Tracker (2:50).

How does it work?

Legal Tracker provides a collaborative workspace to capture and manage information for both internal and external matters. It brings project, document and spend management into one system and offers powerful reporting tools. Everything is stored in a secure UK data centre that uses state-of-the-art technology to keep your information confidential and accessible.

Data security & residency

Legal Tracker is the first and only legal matter management and e-billing provider to be SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 audited. This review is an independent confirmation of the quality and effectiveness of our overall practices in safeguarding the data of our law department customers.

Legal Tracker provides options for organisations with data residency or data sovereignty requirements stipulating the specific country or region where their public cloud data must reside. Today, Legal Tracker clients can select from data centers in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

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Capabilities and features

Streamlines project, spend and matter management

  • Tracks matter outcome, duration, predictive accuracy and lessons learned
  • Uploads files from your desktop
  • Locates documents by matter, date, key terms, date range or other criteria
  • Provides legal e-billing and allows law firms to upload invoices directly

Replaces need for spreadsheets and databases

  • Web-based tool that stores electronic documents in any format
  • Dashboard gives instant access to every aspect of every matter
  • Tracks matter results, including duration, predictive accuracy, and lessons learned
  • Organises documents into customisable online files with controlled access

Reports and tracks actionable analysis

  • Built-in reporting engine
  • Offers 400 customisable and 30 pre-existing reports
  • Automated reporting and schedule report emailing

Manages international legal work

  • Automatically converts currency and tracks international taxes
  • Includes free access to the Tracker Worldwide Directory of Firms with 18,000+ firms in more than 160 countries
  • Connects with over 60,000 law firms globally


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