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Listen to The Knowledge Series


The Knowledge Series – a podcast from Thomson Reuters brings you the latest topics and discussion around knowledge management. We delve into all things knowledge management, hearing stories from professionals across industries and exploring the art and practice of knowledge for a range of different organisations. We also look ahead to the future of knowledge management to give some airtime to the topics you should know about as the profession continues to evolve. Join us along with a selection of special guests to listen to the latest insights for the knowledge management community.  

Listen to The Hearing


The Hearing – a legal podcast from Thomson Reuters brings you discussion about interesting topics with interesting people. All those interesting people just happen to have a connection with the law.

We delve into anything and everything, telling the stories of trailblazers within the industry, uncovering the latest insights in legal innovation on both sides of the Atlantic, and look at how the profession is evolving. On The Cross-Examination, we’re taking the big issues that matter to you and examining them through a legal lens, with some very special guests, of course!

Listen to The Construction Briefing

The Construction Briefing – a legal podcast from Practical Law is an alternative way of learning about key developments in construction law, with the Practical Law Construction editorial team discussing some of the wider issues those developments raise.