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Drafting Assistant: Software Download

The analysis tool that halves the time spent proofreading legal documents. We can assist in figuring out if it's right for your needs.

Drafting Assistant Desktop Software Download

Release Notes*

10 July 2023 - version 6.621.1087 (6.621.1087)

  • Fixed – Incorporated fix to ensure Drafting Assistant panel uses WebView2 rather than Internet Explorer.
  • Improvement - Better handling of multiple documents opened in separate Microsoft Word instances.
  • Fixed - Various Deal Proof fixes. 

15 June 2022 - version 6.621.1030 (6.621.1030)

  • Upgrade – Prerequisite browser to Microsoft Edge 
  • Upgrade – Prerequisite software to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
  • Update Deal Proof - Identify Defined Terms Outside of the Definition Section is now checked by default when creating a new profile or using the default profile.

17 November 2021 - version 5.571.1015 (5.571.2038)

  • Enhancement – Deal Proof Settings can be saved to multiple Profiles.
  • Enhancement – Deal Proof Profiles can be shared with other account members.

1 October 2021 - version 5.571.1015 (5.571.1022)

  • Enhancement – Deal Proof's Non-Conforming Phrase algorithm was updated to provide more refined results.

26 July 2021 – version 5.571.1015 (5.571.1018)

  • Fixed - Deal Proof was not highlighting certain flags/references properly.

16 July 2021 – version 5.571.1015 (5.571.1017)

  • Fixed - Deal Proof Analyze button was missing if upgrade was performed from 4.X version of Drafting Assistant to version 5.571.1015.

12 July 2021 – version 5.571.1015 (5.571.1015)

  • Enhancement - Deal Proof Custom Terms lets you specify terms to flag.
  • Upgrade - Prerequisite SQL Compact Server 4.0

29 April 2021 – version 5.541.1023 (5.541.1023)

  • Enhancement - New automatic updating option provides increased frequency of improvements and bug fixes without manual installation.
  • Enhancement - Deal Proof can Ignore Schedules, Exhibits, Appendices, Attachments and Annexes, which is checked by default in Deal Proof Settings for more targeted analysis.
  • Enhancement - Deal Proof can Identify Defined Terms Outside of Definition Section, which is unchecked by default in Deal Proof Settings for more targeted analysis.
  • Enhancement - Deal Proof pulls together key parties, dates, monetary values and governing law in new Key Terms section of report.
  • Enhancement - Deal Proof References adds Monetary Values and a new Numeration flag for currency text/symbol mismatch.
  • Enhancement - Deal Proof cross reference dropdown can link correct references for auto-numbered documents.
  • Enhancement - Condensed footer allows more vertical working space in side panel.
  • Fixed - Certain modifier keys (including "alt" key commands) didn't work when Drafting Assistant was open.
  • Fixed - Some antivirus programs raised an alert upon add-in shutdown and blocked temp file cleanup process. Now this logic is performed within a Word process that antivirus programs should be aware of.
  • Fixed - Certain files deployed in the roaming user profile folder could prevent Drafting Assistant from running normally if this folder was on a remote file share. Now Drafting Assistant uses a local folder.
  • Fixed - Deal Proof did not work properly if Windows locale setting used a comma as a decimal separator.

19 March 2020 – version 5.461.1090

  • Enhancement - Implemented .msi version of installer.
  • Enhancement - Implemented script for silent uninstall of previous builds of Drafting Assistant.
  • Enhancement - Organization and grouping of all features in the left-hand panel, including those previously in the Word ribbon, to better match user workflow.
  • Enhancement - Deal Proof – View Cross References using a new split screen view without navigating away from the current Reference.
  • Enhancement - Deal Proof – Select a reference from a new dropdown to update an incorrect cross-reference.

24 January 2020 – version 5.461.1084

  • Enhancement: Organization and grouping of all features in the left-hand panel, including those previously in the Word ribbon, to better match user workflow.
  • Enhancement: Deal Proof – View Cross References using a new split screen view without navigating away from the current Reference.
  • Enhancement: Deal Proof – Select a reference from a new dropdown to update an incorrect cross-reference.

13 June 2019 – version 4.441.1053

  • Improved Performance: Deal Proof analysis no longer requires use of bookmarks which results in more efficient processing time.
  • Enhancement: Added support for Microsoft Word 2019.
  • Bug Fix: Word instability caused by add-in conflicts has been resolved.

28 November 2018 – version 4.423.1010

  • Enhancement: New icon in Deal Proof will direct to the higher risk flags that should be prioritised when proofreading time is limited.
  • Enhancement: Dates flags added to Deal Proof. Extract dates found in the document and quickly identify items that are invalid, incorrect or need to be updated.
  • Enhancement: Cross-referenced section flags added to Deal Proof. Identify internal cross-references that are invalid, have not been bookmarked, and where section title references do not match the section number provided.
  • Enhancement: Key parties and signature block flags added to Deal Proof. Verify that all key parties are represented in the signature block portion of the document.
  • Enhancement: Case Title Mismatch flag added to Flags & Links. Identify case titles in the document that do not match the reporter string used.
  • Bug Fix: When accessing Deal Proof, internet connectivity detection is now performed through Windows' Network Location Awareness service.

30 May 2018 – version 4.401.1052

  • Performance Improvement: Faster Deal Proof analysis on larger documents 
  • Enhancement: Contract Express Authors can now use Deal Proof to analyse templates for potential errors.
  • Enhancement: Practical Law folders and notes synchronised between Drafting Assistant and the Practical Law website.
  • Enhancement: Change to Deal Proof authentication requirements. OnePass sign-in required to begin session. 
  • Enhancement: Added support for additional SAML authentication methods.

15 November 2017 – version 4.364.1066

  • Enhancement: Updated Deal Proof user interface.
  • Enhancement: New Deal Proof analysis setting to remove common stop words from defined term issue flagging.
  • Enhancement: Added functionality in Build Document. Search previously generated documents and view earlier versions of documents.
  • Enhancement: Practical Law cross-border documents now contain jurisdiction-specific commentary.
  • Enhancement: Added support for SAML authentication and single sign-on.

24 May 2017 – version 4.360.1059

  • New Feature (PDF Converter): Convert both text and image-based PDF files into a Word document for use with Drafting Assistant features.
  • New Feature (Build Document): Drafting Assistant now includes integration with Contract Express and Practical Law FastDraft. Contract Express and Practical Law subscribers can browse their templates and launch a questionnaire to generate a document.
  • Enhancement: Deal Proof Real-Time Results Processing. Results in the left pane will update in real time as issues are resolved or added in the document.
  • Enhancement: New Deal Proof option to analyse all flag types within tables. (Now the default setting for a new UK install.)
  • Bug Fix: Improved processing of documents with plain text content control
  • Enhancement: Flags & Links performance improvements for larger documents.
  • Enhancement: Updated Practical Law user interface.

27 July 2016 – version 3.324.1019

Drafting Assistant first released in the UK with the following features

  • Deal Proof: Analyse documents for common drafting errors and inconsistencies
  • Practical Law**: Access Standard Documents and Clauses directly from Word.
  • Flags & Links***: Validate cited cases and legislation against the Westlaw UK database
  • Citation Report***: Generate a report of all citations used in the document, incorporating the analysis and full text available on Westlaw UK.

** Practical Law subscription required.

*** Westlaw UK subscription required.

*Starting with release 5.541.1023 (5.541.1023), Drafting Assistant installation consists of two parts:

  1. Installation framework installed into the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Thomson Reuters\TRIAD folder and providing core services for add-in startup and hosting product binaries
  2. Product binaries installed into the%LocalAppData%\TRIAD folder and containing business logic

The version numbering scheme includes a number for the installation framework, followed by the version number for the product binaries in parentheses. The product binaries contain business logic that can be updated more often than the installation framework. Product binaries are hosted by the installation framework that precedes the product binaries version. Therefore, the product binaries version number will be the same or newer than that framework version number. Product binaries can also be updated automatically without reinstalling Drafting Assistant.

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