Why government legal teams rely on Thomson Reuters

Why government legal teams rely on Thomson Reuters

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Your authority has recently approached your legal department with a new initiative that involves carrying out building works along with engaging a new service provider. You don’t have a big team to draw on; you need to provide fast, reliable advice to the authority.

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Information gathering and governance

Understand what the authority is trying to achieve. You need to take full instructions and gather all relevant information to scope the legal work and plan resourcing.

  • Practical Law gives you practice notes, overviews, checklists on decision making and planning a project, and step-by-step guides to help you identify the areas of law that may be applicable to this initiative.
  • For more complex situations with heavy regulation, link through from Practical Law to Westlaw UK and explore cases and legislation, focusing on the annotations and future potential legislative implications.

Instructing external legal advisors

When instructing external advisors, you need to be able to identify and select the best advice as well as manage workload and your budget.

  • Whether a panel firm or long standing arrangement, Legal Tracker gives you more transparency over your projects enabling you to manage matters more effectively and to better manage your external instruction process.
  • Legal Tracker also provides the data you need to make the right decisions on resourcing, to report to the authority in an efficient and more timely fashion, whilst minimising costs and increasing the effectiveness of the legal team.

Manage demand
and empower clients

Anticipate your clients’ needs and provide them with the tools to self-help, while retaining control over the project. Allowing you to focus on more complex, value-add work.

  • Practical Law provides up-to-date, easily digestible guidance, such as tables, checklists, and news which can be shared with clients to help guide them through a project and anticipate any problems.
  • Once a piece of work becomes business as usual, empower your clients by building customised contract templates that they can use to self-serve with Contract Express document automation or, if no customisations are needed, use the standard templates available with Practical Law Fast Draft.
  • Use Drafting Assistant to scan the document in seconds, highlighting any errors that need correcting.
  • Once the document is created, improve internal access with Solcara Legal Search, providing you with the ability to search all of your internal legal documents and know how in conjunction with your preferred online resources.

Keeping a matter within the legal department

Keeping a project in-house allows you to manage budget, continue to up-skill your in-house lawyers and maintain the strategic role of the legal department within the authority.

  • To help you prepare for the practical issues and sticking points, and for suggested wording on various clauses, rely on Practical Law's precedents, drafting notes and detailed guidance.
  • Use the Ask function on Practical Law, for those tricky questions on issues that you are unfamiliar with.
  • To create quick and reliable first drafts of documents, use Contract Express document automation, by simply selecting the appropriate template and completing the questionnaire.
  • Ensure the quality of your contract with legal proofreading and citation checking via Drafting Assistant, perfecting your contract quickly before sending to the other party for electronic signature using DocuSign within Contract Express.