Why government legal teams rely on Thomson Reuters

Why government legal teams rely on Thomson Reuters

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Powering your workflow for safeguarding children

When your Children's Services client department is concerned about a child's safety and welfare, you need to provide practical and accurate legal advice to help the client department know what their options are and decide how it should respond.

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Knowing the legal options

In a legal planning meeting, your client department expects you to know whether they can achieve a safe outcome for the child they are concerned about. The client department often has an idea of what orders it thinks would be appropriate and will require the legal reasoning for why their plan is or is not legally possible.

  • Practical Law has a topic area dedicated to Children’s Services and public law on children, which covers a range of safeguarding issues such as child sexual exploitation, fabricated illness and relinquished children.
  • Practical Law's resources include a template for taking client instructions and providing written legal advice. There are also template pre-proceedings letters and template orders to assist the time-poor practitioner.

Horizon scanning

With an overstretched client department, assistance in planning and training for anticipated changes in legislation and regulations to remain legally compliant demonstrates the worth of legal services.

  • Westlaw UK and Lawtel will keep you updated with legal and regulatory developments (including historic and prospective versions of acts and bills) and alert to you relevant journals and news.
  • Practical Law will highlight new legislation, guidance and policy with legal updates, and weekly and monthly news round up.

Stay confident and in control of cases

The nature of children matters is that difficult and unforeseeable issues can crop up at any point.

  • Practical Law provides maintained practice notes on different problems such as contact, kinship placements, and secure accommodation, which outline the up-to-date law and procedure.
  • For those difficult problems, Westlaw UK and Lawtel case law databases and Practical Law legal updates commentary will help find solutions in similar cases.

Keeping matters in-house

Keeping advocacy in-house helps to limit the costs to the client department, builds a stronger trusting relationship with the client department and helps to build expertise in the team.

  • Practical Law provides checklists, template orders and case management documents to help reduce the time advocates need to prepare a case for hearing.
  • Westlaw UK and Lawtel’s comprehensive case law and legislation databases can reduce the time needed for preparing submissions and skeleton arguments for court.

Obtain a view on difficult points

When you need to explore a complex or difficult legal issue, you may need independent guidance.

  • Ask Practical Law is a secure platform for you to share those problematic issues and obtain some guidance to manage your proceedings.