Why government legal teams rely on Thomson Reuters

Why government legal teams rely on Thomson Reuters

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Discover how to power your risk and governance workflow

You’re asked to advise on the powers and legal implication of an innovative new proposal.

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Undertaking a risk audit

Carry out or contribute to risk assessments by highlighting the applicable law and associated risks.

  • Practical Law offers a suite of content on decision-making and risk management practices, giving you guidance on how to assess the inherent and residual risks to your authority, and assessment procedures you can implement to build or maintain an adequate risk mitigation programme.

Risk horizon scanning

Understanding what legislative and regulative changes are imminent has never been so important.

  • Help plan your strategy and keep up-to-date with legal and regulatory developments using Westlaw UK and Lawtel’s cases and legislation 'including historic and prospective law versioning and consolidated Bills', journals, and news.
  • Practical Law legal updates highlight new legislation and guidance and the key dates calendar provides the information you need about upcoming legislative and regulatory changes.
  • Our Brexit pages will keep you up to speed with developments as they occur.
  • Reduce the time you spend, searching multiple online resources with Solcara Legal Search, allowing you to check all your preferred case law content sources with a single easy-to-use search interface.

Changing standard documents and processes

Make sure that your authority’s policies, processes and documents are up-to-date, complete and robust.

  • Use Practical Law’s checklists, standard documents and practice notes to improve or draft new policies. When updating compare your policies and procedures against Practical Law’s standard forms to identify where updates and improvements need to be made.
  • If a new policy is needed, you can download a standard document from Practical Law and tailor it to your authority.
  • Contract Express document automation allows updated templates to be quickly available to lawyers and their client departments, reducing the risk of out-dated documents being used.

Compliance training

Following your assessment of the powers and governance implications and the legal risks associated with the proposal, you communicate your advice and provide training for your team and staff.

  • Use the Collections facility in Solcara Legal Search to provide a know how repository for all relevant content, such as linking internal materials with Practical Law and Westlaw UK materials, adding commentary, organising the collections into a hierarchy and sharing with others across your organisation.
  • You also need to maintain your own and your team’s knowledge and expertise to respond quickly to client demands and pre-empt issues before they arise. Take advantage of Thomson Reuters professional webinars, articles and master classes run by Practical Law editors and external experts.