Why Law Firms rely on Thomson Reuters

Why Law Firms rely on Thomson Reuters

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Discover how to power your transactional workflow

A client has come to you explain that they have received a potential offer to buy their company. You need to help the partner prepare the company for the sale process and draft and negotiate the transaction documents, possibly in a very tight timeframe.

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Structuring the deal and preparing the company for sale

You will need to consider different areas of law to advise your client on the best structure for the transaction, if there are any preliminary steps needed to prepare the company for the sale and to research if any approvals will be required.

  • When beginning a transaction and advising your client on the best structure for the deal, the Practical Law toolkits, practice notes and checklists offer a perfect starting point for your research, providing an authoritative yet succinct overview of the corporate and specialist aspects of an M&A transaction. The flowcharts enable you to quickly identify the key issues.
  • If the parties or substance of the transaction involves another country or jurisdiction, Practical Law’s cross-border content and Global Guides provide detail on the particular law within various jurisdictions.
  • If either of the parties is listed, Practical Law's What's Market tool can provide insights into current market practice and key deal terms.
  • Use Practical Law materials such as checklists, standard documents and practice notes, to prepare the company for due diligence and coordinate its response to questions.

Drafting and negotiating the transaction documents

You need to draft and negotiate the suite of transaction documents rapidly while having confidence that they are absolutely correct and you have obtained the best outcome possible for your client.

  • When drafting a document or agreement, take advantage of Practical Law practice notes, checklists and standard documents with integrated drafting notes which guide you through the key negotiating positions and sensitivities on the points.
  • Speed-up drafting with Fast Draft, integrated with Practical Law, offering complete guidance, and also allows you to apply your firm’s house style simply through the ‘firmstyle’ option.
  • Use Contract Express to create bespoke documents by simply selecting the appropriate document template and completing the questionnaire.
  • Once you have your document, ensure the quality of your contract with legal proof-reading and citation-checking with Drafting Assistant. Drafting Assistant allows you to perfect your contract quickly before sending to the other party for electronic signature using DocuSign within Contract Express.

Managing the transaction and coordinating with the client

Communicate and manage documents with your client as effectively and efficiently as possible throughout the transaction.

  • Firm Central allows you to efficiently communicate and manage documents with your client, via a secure online portal, significantly reducing time lag.
  • Keep on top of the constant updating of files and matters. Use Firm Central to set tasks and reminders to ensure your clients is updated, that legal forms and applications have been drafted and submitted on schedule and that no new changes to the process have developed.
  • When meeting with your client to walk them through the process, take advantage of Practical Law checklists to make sure you haven’t missed any steps, as well as additional client friendly commentary on documents which explain complex implications simply.