Why Information Managers rely on Thomson Reuters

Why Information Managers rely on Thomson Reuters

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Discover how to power your research support

Depending on your firm you may be either the main point of call for all research or you may be called upon for help with a more complex research query, you need to provide authoritative and accurate information fast.

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Find specific documents

You need to locate source material to help solicitors begin their research and you are occasionally required to find precedents and standard documents related to research requests.

  • Westlaw UK and Lawtel provide the most authoritative and comprehensive suite of cases, including case transcripts, extempore judgments, and legislation, delivered in a simple and accessible online format.
  • To help dramatically reduce your research time, Westlaw UK’s research tools, such as Natural Language Search and Boolean connectors and search templates, help you locate specific cases, legislation, journal articles and commentary chapters quickly and simply. Westlaw UK’s case alerts will make sure that you’re always using the latest good law and never miss a new development.
  • For standard documents, template and legal updates, look no further than Practical Law.
  • You can also search or scan internal and external information sources when dealing with risks with Solcara Legal Search. Search all resources necessary and expand the sources required depending on the risks that need to be assessed.

Keeping standard documents maintained

Maintain all standard documents and templates, ensure they are up-to-date and easily accessible.

  • Keep all precedents and resources up-to-date by referencing the resources history, commentary and legal updates on Practical Law, and legislative changes and legal updates via the current awareness section or Bills tracking function on Westlaw UK.
  • Safely store and locate all of your firm’s precedents documents and contract templates on Solcara Know How.