Why Information Managers rely on Thomson Reuters

Why Information Managers rely on Thomson Reuters

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You never have enough time in the day. The demands on your time continue to increase, imposing workload pressures on library staff to keep on top of the daily management of your collections.

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Maintenance of collections

Keep everyone updated on the latest commentary and journal releases and updates.

  • Westlaw UK provides online commentary release bulletins and journal circulation lists, allowing you to efficiently email these updates to your user base.
  • Always be confident that you have the latest version of a commentary title and that your colleagues are aware of recent updates via notification icons displayed on a title’s paragraphs and sections, showing they have been recently updated on Westlaw UK.
  • Download and update iPad versions of commentary titles on ProView by simply emailing your user base notifying them of the available download next time they are connected to wifi.
  • Free up valuable library space with journal and case archives available online via Westlaw UK.

Current awareness

You may need to keep people up-to-date on relevant new developments within the legal community, including changes to statues and regulations. You need to be able to accurately track and relay the information to colleagues in an efficient and timely manner.

  • Help plan your strategy and keep up-to-date with legal and regulatory developments using Westlaw UK bill tracking, grey materials, case alerts, to track a particular case, and Lawtel's pending actions, permissions to appeal and legislation calendar.
  • Practical Law tracker, hot topics and key dates calendar provide the information you need about any upcoming regulatory changes or legal developments.
  • You can also search or scan internal and external information sources when dealing with risks with Solcara Legal Search. Search all resources necessary and expand the sources required depending on the risks that need to be assessed.
  • Turn this information into business insight by compiling internal and external newsletters with Bulletin Pro helping the firm achieve a reputation as an industry leader and an authority on specific areas of law.

Keeping standard documents maintained

Maintain all standard documents and templates, ensure they are up-to-date and easily accessible.

  • Keep all precedent and resources up-to-date by referencing the resources history, commentary and legal updates on Practical Law and monitor legislative changes and legal updates via the current awareness section or Bills tracking function on Westlaw UK.
  • Safely store and locate all of your firm’s precedent documents and contract templates on Solcara Know How.