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Accounts and invoicing

Recurring Direct Debit and card payments

Customers paying in British Pounds (GBP) can set up recurring payments by Direct Debit and card by visiting www.tr.com/uki-legal-autopay.

Paying your invoices

How can I get a copy invoice?
You can instantly view and download copies of invoices online with My Account self-service.
How do I pay my invoice?
All payment information can be found on your invoice.

How do I check the balance on my account?

You can check your balance online with My Account self-service.

Credit Management

For invoice queries please email us.
Alternatively, to speak to someone or make a payment please call +44 (0) 345 600 9355 and select option 1.

Obtaining a refund

If you have received a statement or letter from us detailing a credit balance on your account and would like to obtain a refund, please complete our secure form here.

Understanding your billing documents

Explaining your Thomson Reuters Invoice

Download an annotated copy of your invoice

Account Number
Every customer has an account number which appears on every document you receive from us.
Customer Roles
On most transactions we deal with a single person or organisation, however sometimes we deal with more than one person or organisation, for example where we sell goods to one person but ship them to another.  These roles are identified on our billing documents as follows:
     Sold To
     The person or organisation that places an order for goods or services.
     Bill To
     The person or organisation that receives the invoice for goods or services.
     Ship To
     The person or organisation that receives the goods or services.
     The person or organisation that pays the invoice (statements are sent to the Payer).
Invoice / credit note number
Please quote the invoice or credit note number in any correspondence, especially when making payments.
Invoice numbers begin with 68.
Credit note numbers begin with 66.
Date & tax point
The date this invoice / credit note was raised.
Payment due date
The date by which the invoice should be paid.
VAT registration number
Our documents show both the VAT number for Thomson Reuters (Professional) UK Limited and your VAT number (if you have supplied it).
Customer order ref
Your Purchase Order / order reference if you supplied one.
Product ID
The unique product reference, which in most cases will be the publication’s ISBN or ISSN.
Product details
A description of the product to which the invoice applies.
Details of any discount applicable for the order.
All documents specify the currency in use.
VAT analysis
How VAT has been calculated.
Global order ID
Identifies your order to other Thomson Reuters companies that form part of the supply chain.
Terms of trading
The Terms and Conditions that apply to every order you place with us.
Remittance advice
Please return this with your payment, for electronic payments please email details to the address specified on the invoice.
Statement description
Indicates the type of the document.
Statement date
The date on which the statement was generated.  Payments received or charges made after this date will not be shown.  Each  item on the statement will show the date it was created.
The statement lists all outstanding invoices, including those that are not yet due for payment.
Analysis of balance
This section shows the total balance outstanding along with the sums due for payment and not yet due for payment.


VAT is a tax on goods or services.  Where VAT is charged, it will usually be included in the price of the goods or services you buy.  Businesses that are registered for VAT can often reclaim it.


Buying from Thomson Reuters (Professional) UK Limited – Legal business

Our UK VAT registration number
GB 900 548 743

Our EU One Stop Shop registration number for digital services

Our EORI number


Who pays VAT on our invoice?

  • All customers in the UK (including the Isle of Man) – for rates please see the table below
  • EU customers purchasing digital services who have NOT supplied a valid VAT number – according to the prevailing VAT rates in their location
  • Russian customers who purchase digital services – 20% (VAT registration: RU9909516984 KRR: 997789001)
  • South African customers who purchase digital services – 14% (VAT registration: ZA4710268295)

Who does not pay VAT on our invoice?

  • Customers outside the EU apart from the exceptions listed above. For customers purchasing physical goods, import VAT and duty may be paid on your behalf by the shipper and payable by you on delivery
  • EU customers purchasing physical goods, but import VAT and duty may be paid on your behalf by the shipper and payable by you on delivery
  • EU customers purchasing digital services who HAVE supplied a valid VAT number
  • Customers in the Channel Islands
  • Customers in Gibraltar
  • UK and EU customers who can supply a valid HMRC VAT exemption certificate

VAT rates charged to UK customers

Product VAT rate
Books 0%
Journals 0%
Looseleafs 0%
Directories 0%
eBooks 0%
Online services 0%
CDs 20%
Conferences/Courses 20%
Directory Adverts 20%
JCT Contracts 20%
Software 20%

Buying from Thomson Reuters (Professional) Ireland Limited (Round Hall)

Thomson Reuters (Professional) Ireland Limited’s VAT registration number

Who pays VAT?

  • All customers in the Irish Republic

Who does not pay VAT

  • All customers outside Ireland
  • Irish customers who can supply a valid Irish Revenue VAT exemption certificate

VAT rates charged

Product VAT rate
Archbold 0%
Bulletin 0%
Hardback book 0%
ISM paper 0%
Journal bound volume 0%
Looseleaf content replacement 0%
Looseleaf release 0%
Multi-volume looseleaf set 0%
Paperback book 0%
Paperback supplement 0%
Replacement binders 0%
Set of books 0%
Single volume looseleaf 0%
White Book 0%
Catalogue 9%
Directory 9%
Document 9%
Journal binder 9%
Journal issue 9%
Journal offprint 9%
Magazine 9%
Newsletter 9%
3.5" disk 23%
Advertising 23%
Advice line access 23%
Book/CD pack 23%
Book/disk pack 23%
CD-Rom 23%
CD-Rom + online access 23%
Conference pack 23%
Directory entry 23%
E-mail 23%
eBooks 9%
Forms 23%
IE Conference 23%
Journal + online access 23%
Journal/CD pack 23%
Looseleaf + CD pack 23%
Looseleaf, CD and book 23%
Network licence 23%
Online password 23%
Online service 23%
Seminar 23%
Service 23%
Software unit or token 23%

Are charities exempt from UK VAT?

Charities are not exempt from VAT, other than on advertising in which case they must supply a declaration (visit HMRC for details).


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