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Help Desk/Technical Support requests

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  • 1. Support shall comprise the following:
     1.1. the creation and making available from time to time of Maintenance Versions when issued by TR;
     1.2. reasonable levels of advice by electronic mail on the use of the Service;
     1.3. reasonable levels of advice by telephone, facsimile or post on the use of the Service;
     1.4. upon request by the Customer the remote diagnosis of faults in the Software and the remote rectification of such faults by the issue of fixes in respect of the Software and the making of any necessary consequential amendments (if any) to the associated documentation supplied by TR; a fault is failure of the Software to perform in accordance with the Order Form.
  • 2. The Customer shall supply by email (TR.info@thomsonreuters.com) or telephone (0845 100 9355) a detailed description of any fault requiring Support and the circumstances in which it arose forthwith upon becoming aware of the same. TR will assign a unique call reference to each reported fault for tracking purposes. All communicating with the TR Support Centre should be clearly marked for the attention of “TR Support” and where possible, include the unique call reference number.
  • 3. TR will use its reasonable endeavours to achieve the following response times:
    Severity Codes Description Target Response Times
    1 A live production system is down 2 working hrs
    2 Suspected high impact condition associated with the application 4 working hrs
    3 Intermittent or low impact condition Within 3 working days
    4 Question concerning the application or its usage Within 5 working days
  • 4. Support shall not include the diagnosis and rectification of any fault resulting from and TR reserves the right to charge for any such support effort on a time and materials basis at TR’s current rates:
    4.1. improper use, operation or neglect of the Service;
    4.2. modification of the Software or the merger (in whole or in part) with any other software;
    4.3. failure by the Customer to implement recommendations in respect of or solutions to faults previously advised by TR;
    4.4. any repair, adjustment, alteration or modification of the Software by any person other than TR without TR’s prior written consent;
    4.4. the Customer’s failure to install and use in substitution for the previous release any maintenance version or new version of the Software; or the use of the Software for a purpose for which they were not designed.
    4.5. any problem with the Service or Software which is caused by or results from the Customer changing any hardware, operating system software, networks or other technical infrastructure