Special report

The legal operating system

Game-changing innovation

Lawyers face incredible pressure to work more efficiently, communicate and collaborate more effectively, and deliver greater strategic value. As these pressures mount, old ways of working will increasingly fall short.

Innovative solutions are no longer merely aspirational, it is essential to your organisation’s success. Legal departments and law firms have begun to build their strategies around expanded teams of legal operations specialists and increased investment in technologies that automate processes and drive greater efficiency.

The next step on this journey is a legal operating system — a fully integrated, collaborative digital workplace that brings together human expertise and technological capability to streamline operations, save time, reduce costs, and improve performance.

Drawing on expert insights from Thomson Reuters, this report looks at:

  • The shared challenges driving legal departments and law firms to increase digitisation
  • What technologies lawyers are turning to and why
  • The benefits of a legal operating system for your organisation

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