Special report

AI-powered Contract Analysis 

How sophisticated innovation is delivering efficiencies for modern law departments

Contracts are the lifeblood of any company; they are key to getting business done. Organisations large and small have countless active contracts at any given time, with terms and obligations to monitor and risk to mitigate.

However, although often business-critical, contract drafting, reviewing and analysis is time-consuming, costly, and tedious work. All of which can lead to risk. According to recent data from Thomson Reuters, many legal departments have acknowledged this and are looking to innovative solutions in contract management and AI-powered contract analysis.

AI-driven tools relieve lawyers of unrelenting administrative work, freeing them up to spend more time assessing and mitigating risk, identifying opportunities, and delivering essential insights to their companies and clients.

Drawing on the latest data and expert insights, this report will highlight:

  • The importance to your organisation of ensuring your contracting is done efficiently;
  • How the combination of data, expertise and technology can power more efficient and effective processes;
  • The ways in which your legal department can save time and costs, and reduce risk by utilising AI-powered technology.

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