Secure client file sharing – it’s time to take back control

The back-and-forth email exchanges you have every day with clients are all part of the positive relationship-building experience that they appreciate and value. Aren’t they? 

In other industries, there is a notable trend away from email communication (except email marketing), with dedicated apps and social media accounts being used much more commonly as a way of customers and companies communicating.

Of course, written correspondence with legal clients (along with in-person meetings) was the norm for decades, if not centuries, before email. One reason that email became the primary method of communication was the ability to attach digital files, which was revolutionary in the 1990s.

Email is still incredibly useful in client relations, but today there are better ways of sharing files. In reality, some clients might well find it slow or frustrating to have to ask for a document to be emailed to them. 

In many other service sectors, such as insurance, customers are happy to be able to access their documents and manage their accounts themselves from a central, secure site. This legal self-service trend is one that every firm would be wise to acknowledge – and other firms have already implemented similar solutions successfully, to the delight of their clients. 

Do away with disorganised filing

Fast, efficient service is the very least clients expect, especially when it comes to their legal documents.

What no client can – or should – tolerate is mistakes. Like files being lost, or old versions being used on their case. 

And neither can lawyers. That feeling of a loss of control can have an impact on the confidence of you and your colleagues and can contribute to lower job satisfaction or burnout. A 2022 survey of over 100 practicing UK lawyers found that more than 90% of legal professionals suffer from stress or burnout during their careers. 

Your filing system should not be a contributor.

Secure, scalable and failsafe file sharing

There’s a straightforward technology solution that can help – it’s called HighQ. Specifically designed to meet the needs of law firms, HighQ enables you to make documents available for viewing, downloading, editing and commenting. 

HighQ's enhanced security protocols and advanced features help you maintain control over your sensitive documents at all times. In just a few minutes you can set up a client-specific file sharing site that your colleagues and relevant third parties can use securely to upload and share files instantaneously. No more email tennis or using valuable time to search for documents.

See how this UK law firm improved efficiency and reduced security risks at their firm. 

Unprecedented control

HighQ enables you to manage your client’s documents and files, wherever you are, so queries can be responded to and resolved much faster. You can also audit every file and action – meaning you can see who’s opened or downloaded a file – and search using criteria including date, user, organisation, folder, file or activity. You can even see which users or organisations are most active and when they’ve logged in.

With built-in digital rights management tools and features such as automatic link expiration, file deletion, and email verification for your chosen recipients, you can be sure your files have been seen by the right people, at the right time and any requirements actioned in good time. So there is no need to chase your client for a response.

And using the HighQ Drive app, you can do all of this on any compatible mobile device.

Is your own system holding you back?

Many firms have developed their own file management and sharing systems, often at the user’s expense, as they can sometimes be complex to manage and difficult for daily use.

By contrast, HighQ is designed to be extremely user-friendly. You, your colleagues or your clients will be able to use HighQ with little to no training. 

And the benefits will be felt immediately.

With HighQ, say goodbye to problems such as:

  • Long email trails
  • Manual document version control
  • Lost files or folders
  • Working on incorrect versions 
  • File attachments that are too large to email

Why take unnecessary security risks?

Personal data is incredibly valuable – and vulnerable. Firms already have to maintain compliance with a swath of legislation and cybersecurity is a greater threat than ever. Why risk the security of your clients’ information?

HighQ is built with banking-grade encryption, multi-layer defence, and is further protected by 24-7 system monitoring from our dedicated, expert security operations team. 

Other firms are already enjoying the benefits

One long-established, award-winning UK firm wanted to consolidate a range of disparate technology solutions into a single seamless file-sharing offering for its clients – for which HighQ was exactly the right fit.

HighQ gives you unprecedented control

See how you can make the most of secure file sharing using HighQ.