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Brain Injury Claims 2nd Ed.

Facts and Figures 25th Ed.

Human Rights Practice

Water and Drainage Law

Wurtzburg & Mills Building Society Law

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  • Dr Martin Van Den Broek; Dr Sundeep Sembi
    First published in 2017, Brain Injury Claims established itself as the comprehensive reference on the complexities of Brain injury claims from both medical and legal perspectives. Written by experienced clinicians, medico legal experts and leading Barristers and Judges to provide a unique reference for legal professionals, covering all aspects of brain injury litigation. Building upon this, the second edition has been expanded to include new chapters on Paediatric Brain Injury and Subtle Brain Injury in addition to updating several chapters and considering their implications for the latest caselaw in the rapidly developing field of brain injury litigation.

  • General Editor: Simon Levene; Editors: Chris Daykin; Vitek Frenkel; Peter Jennings; William Latimer-Sayer, QC; Tejina Mangat; Harry Trusted; Emily Read; 
    The 25th fully revised editions includes the following:
    The full text of the latest 8th edition of the Ogden Tables, complete with explanatory notes, published in July 2020. These contain updated multipliers and revised factors for contingencies other than mortality, and an updated section on fatal accidents, with new Tables E and F.
    An updated section on the valuing of claims for accommodation, following the Court of Appeal’s decision in Swift v Carpenter. The latest interest rates and much more.

  • General Editor: Angela Patrick
    Explains the Human Rights Act 1998 and its impact on domestic law. Guides you, chapter-by-chapter, through each Article and Protocol of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    Details the procedures you need to follow when taking a case to Strasbourg, including time limits, legal aid, levels of compensation and representative action and evidence
    Contains all relevant primary material and reproduces the Human Rights Act 1998 in full.
    Includes a range of useful material including the rules of the European Court of Human Rights, the composition of the Court, list of useful website links, plus much more.

  • By John Bates
    This title explains the diverse body of statute and common law relating to water and drainage in a single volume. Key coverage in 2021 will include the effect of Brexit on water and drainage law; the provisions of the Environment Bill (environmental water targets, environmental principles, Office of Environmental Protection, regulatory changes, drainage and sewerage management plans, land drainage land valuation reform, nature recovery strategies and conservation covenants); abstraction /impoundment licences becoming environmental permits; and appeals to the Competition and Markets Authority on Ofwat PR19 decisions.

  • By: Elizabeth Ovey, Mark Fell, Henry Day and Allen & Overy LLP
    Providing a comprehensive treatment of the regulatory regime which applies to building societies, Wurtzburg & Mills also covers the substantive law governing their primary activities and the constitutional framework within which they operate.

    It presents expert analysis of the law relating to building societies; relevant forms and archive material such as a summary of the nature and constitution of a building society; and full treatment of the Financial Ombudsman Service and its power to determine complaints against building societies and the jurisdiction of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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