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Recently added books

Public Law – The Fundamentals*

EU Law – The Fundamentals*

 Agricultural, Business and Heritage Property Relief (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Artificial Intelligence

At a Glance (Class Publishing)

Buy to let Property handbook (Bloomsbury Publishing)

* These titles will be added to the Sweet and Maxwell Textbook package, so existing subscribers to this package will benefit automatically from the inclusion of these new titles.

Additional details

  • The Fundamentals presents a clear and detailed explanation of the area, with features that aid comprehension and understanding, providing an excellent grounding in the subject and a solid basis for the study of law.

    This series introduces students to the principles of the law by way of clear text combined with visual aids, tools, and diagrams to enable an easy understanding of the subject without sacrificing the detail that is required for proper comprehension. Each title assumes no level of prior knowledge, allowing the book to be used for those new to the subject and for distance learning.

  • Agricultural, Business and Heritage Property Relief, 9th Edition is an expert and detailed guide to the rules of inheritance tax relief for business, farm, woodland and heritage property. This book considers the approach to the typical situations that are likely to be encountered in practice and provides clear guidance on how to harness the relief, its preservation, compliance aspects and practical tips. Most importantly it contains numerous examples of the many pitfalls and bear traps that abound in this complex area of tax law.

  • The Law of Artificial Intelligence is an essential practitioner's reference text examining how key areas of current civil and criminal law will apply to AI and examining emerging laws specific to the use of AI. It explains the fundamentals of AI technology, its development and terminology. The book also covers regulation, ethics and the use of AI within legal services and the administration of justice.

  • At A Glance is used in court and negotiation at all levels of court as it is backed by the unrivalled editorial team and the FLBA.

    Updated annually with the latest rates, leading cases and essential rules, this is one of the few family law books you cannot afford to be without.

    • Fully updated Financial Remedy Procedure
    • Rewritten table on the FRC, accompanied by a helpful list giving details of all the FRC zone hubs. The table includes key extracts from the FRC Good Practice Protocol.
    • Rewritten notes on costs and bundles
    • Leading cases has been updated, now containing over 1000 cases carefully allocated into 100 separate categories. The Editors have highlighted in bold their all-time top 20 financial remedy cases in the list
    • All the numeric and narrative tables have been fully updated
  • Buy-to-Let Property Tax Handbook is a single source for tax practitioners, accountants and others who advise clients and need to be aware of the tax aspects of running a residential buy-to-let property business, as well as the main non-tax considerations.

    This Second Edition has been brought up to date with significant legislative changes introduced since publication of the first edition, including all subsequent Finance Acts up to and including Finance Act 2019. It also features a new chapter on partnerships.

  • UK R&D tax reliefs are among the most effective and generous tax allowances in the world. Yet many companies, entitled to the incentive, do not claim reliefs that are due, either through a lack of awareness or because the reliefs seem complex or inappropriate to their business. But the significant increases in the value of the incentive make the R&D tax relief even more important. At the same time, the growth in HMRC powers and penalty-based tax regime highlight the importance of accurately documented claims.

    This commentary is up to date as of Finance Act 2020, and draws together the many strands of legislation and other requirements that should be noted when making a competent claim into a single reference point.

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