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Recently added books

Craies on Legislation, 12th Ed.

Data Protection and the Law of Practice, 5th Ed.

Mental Capacity Act Manual, 8th Ed.

Modern Contract of Guarantee, 4th Ed.

Scottish Land Law SULI, 3rd Ed.

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  • By Daniel Greenberg

    Craies on Legislation is the complete practitioners' guide to the nature, process, effect and interpretation of legislation. It is regularly cited to and by the higher courts, and it is relied upon by lawyers in the public and private sectors for shedding light on the widest range of questions in relation to how legislation is made, applied, challenged and interpreted.

    The 12th Edition covers: the classification of primary, subordinate and a growing range of quasi-legislation; the potential of and constraints on all kinds of legislation, including devolved legislation; the legislative process for all kinds of legislation; drafting of different kinds of legislation; explanatory material (including Explanatory Notes and Pepper v Hart); issues of effect from timing and application, the exercise of statutory functions, statutory corporations, effect on other law and errors in legislation (including an account of increasing judicial activism in rectification); the rules, presumptions and canons and principles of statutory interpretation; and a discussion of the effects of EU legislation in UK law.

    All recent developments are covered in the 12th Edition including discussion of the developing relationship between legislation and the prerogative, Parliament and the Executive (including Miller 1 and 2 - the Brexit cases), discussion of the latest judicial attitudes to the relationship between legislation and the common law (including the recent Tate Gallery decision on nuisance), and hundreds of other recent cases and political developments (including an account of fundamental changes to legislation in Wales).

  • By Rosemary Jay

    Data Protection Law and Practice, 5th edition, provides a comprehensive and expert review of the current state of data protection law in the UK, together with the background to the law.

    It covers the General Data Protection Regulation, its application in the UK under the Data Protection Act 2018, the implementation of Directive 2016/680 (the Law Enforcement Directive) and the new data protection regime which governs the UK intelligence services, as well as the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations and the revised rules on the monitoring of business communications. Both the current application of the GDPR and its application after Brexit are considered in every chapter, as are the rules which apply to the processing of personal data for law enforcement purposes and the new rules for the processing of personal data by the intelligence services.

  • By: Richard Jones; Eve Piffaretti

    The Mental Capacity Act Manual provides clear and precise guidance in the complex and developing subject of legal capacity. This latest edition has now been comprehensively updated, with all the legislation and associated rules annotated by Richard Jones and Eve Piffaretti.

    The manual has been a leading text for busy professionals since the assent of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Here you will find detailed insight and analysis to assist you every step of the way.

  • By John Phillips, James O'Donovan, Wayne Courtney

    The Modern Contract of Guarantee provides readers with a detailed reference work which offers practical insights into the law of guarantees in modern commercial practice.  It covers all aspects of the contract of guarantee, from formation to discharge of liability, the rights of the parties, the validity and construction of guarantees, how to avoid a guarantee being discharged and common difficulties with enforcement. It also provides guidance on drafting contracts of guarantee and examines the meaning of common provisions of a guarantee agreement, with detailed reference to case law. This new edition has been fully updated with respect to the Insolvency Rules 2016 and also takes into account impending changes in legislation due to Brexit. It incorporates over 50 new cases on guarantees and indemnities and includes all developments in contract law since the last edition, such as those in the areas of construction, rectification, illegality, penalties and damages. Focusing on English case law, it also makes substantial reference to decisions from the rest of the UK, Ireland and around the Commonwealth. 

  • By Professor William M Gordon; Scott Wortley

    Publishing under the auspices of the Scottish Universities Law Institute, the second volume to this well-established and respected work is a thoroughly updated and comprehensive account of Scottish land law. It brings together material of significant practical importance in relation to the rights and obligations inherent in the ownership of land.

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