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Advanced legal technology

Stay up-to-date with global and local news plus trade and business publications

Integrate with Practical Law

If you subscribe to Practical Law, you can access relevant cases, legislation, and journals from within Practical Law, creating a seamless research experience.

Search with ease

Find the content you need quickly. Benefit from a range of search options, from natural language search to suggested search terms and connectors, including the ability to browse and search by topic area.

Organise your research

Use My Folders to store and organise your legal research. Easily save research documents in Folders or pick up where you left off at your last session using Trail, which helps you easily navigate to a past research session.

Link between relevant documents

Link directly to a resource mentioned in a journal, article, book, or statutory provision on Westlaw UK. Simply click the link and be taken directly to the resource, all within Westlaw UK.

Comprehensive content

Stay up-to-date with global and local news plus trade and business publications

Primary law

Westlaw UK offers the most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date collection of legal information for England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Comprehensive primary law includes cases, legislation, annotated statutes, retained EU legislation, and UK court dockets.

Secondary sources

Access an unparalleled collection of resources that includes journals, extensive news sources, and over 300 commentary titles from the Sweet & Maxwell portfolio, including The White Book, Archbold, and Chitty on Contracts.


Topics provides a springboard for research, particularly if you or your team are unfamiliar with a certain area of the law. Easy to navigate and searchable, Topics provides an integrated framework of 26 practice areas subdivided into two further levels of sub-topics. New areas of law are constantly being added, with experts in the field sharing their insight and knowledge.

Current awareness

Our Current Awareness content, containing information on cases, legislation, and legal developments, is updated continuously to ensure you’ll get all the information you need to stay up to date. Plus, our expansive independent news coverage keeps you informed of the developments that matter to you.

Human expertise

Behind the technology there is human expertise providing you with time-saving guidance.


Our team of editors analyses, categorises, and summarises the law, creating editorial enhancements to help you research more efficiently and accurately. 

Research Support 

The industry’s premier team of legal research support professionals is available 24/7 to keep your research moving forward.

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