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Advanced legal technology

Stay up-to-date with global and local news plus trade and business publications

UK/EU Analytics

Feel confident you haven’t missed a change in the law and remain compliant by staying on top of changes between the EU and the UK. UK/EU Analytics lets you see the implementing relationships between EU Directives and the UK law on an interactive graphical interface.

UK/EU Analytics

EU - UK Divergence Tracker

Easily keep up with emerging differences between UK and EU law using the UK-EU Divergence Tracker, helping you to remain compliant in the UK and in the EU. As the UK takes control over key areas of its regulatory framework, see at a glance how divergence may impact and provide opportunities for your clients and business.

Legislation Compare Tool

Case Analytics

Transform your entire case research through meaningful data visualisation, helping you quickly and confidently build a complete case history.

UK-EU Divergence Tracker

Legislation Alerts

Stay one step ahead of the latest amendments to legislation so you can proactively advise your clients or organisation about any changes. Legislation Alerts deliver key provisions and updates about their impact straight to your inbox so you’re always the first to know.

Legislation Compare Tool

Quickly understand how the law will affect you, your organisation, and the industry at different points in time. Compare the changes which have taken place between any two versions of legislation across the UK, English, Welsh, Northern Ireland and Scottish jurisdictions.

Judicial Interpretation

Seamlessly access editorially created summaries of cases that meaningfully interpret statutes, so you don’t have to sift through all the Citing References to determine what is relevant. Save time and better understand how courts have interpreted the law by relying on Thomson Reuters editorial expertise to guide you to the most relevant case law results, faster.

Westlaw Questions

Quickly find up to date, authoritative information on unfamiliar areas of the law amd search commonly asked questions and return succinct results with key paragraphs highlighted.

Content and editorial enhancements

Boost your research with the largest, most up-to-date collection of legal information available in Westlaw Edge UK and Westlaw UK.

Primary law

Westlaw Edge offers the same comprehensive collection included in Westlaw: case law, dockets, legislation, drafts, legal journals, current awareness alerts and EU legal materials.

Legislation Compare Tool


Access the most valuable legislation database in the UK. Fully consolidated legislation from Westminster and devolved jurisdictions is updated daily. View and track bills and draft SIs from Westminster and the Scottish Parliament and see how the law stood (or could look) at a chosen date in time. Access regulatory and guidance materials issued by official bodies or non-governmental organisations such as HMRC Manuals, European Materials and Circulars.

UK-EU Divergence Tracker

Case analysis documents

Including cases dating back to 1065, Westlaw UK's case database empowers your legal research. The Case analysis features include a status and the case summary and digest, saving hours of reading time. Jump to the appellate history and view the graphical history, making the most complex of cases easy to understand. Our case reporters attend court daily so you can be confident that you will have access to the latest judgments quickly. In addition, Dockets content is included, allowing you to track the latest litigation all in one place.

UK-EU Divergence Tracker


Topics provides a springboard for research, particularly if you or your team are unfamiliar with a certain area of the law. Easy to navigate and searchable, Topics provides an integrated framework of 26 practice areas, each subdivided into two further levels of sub-topics. New areas of law are constantly being added with experts in the field sharing their insight and knowledge.

Secondary sources

Access an unparalleled collection with resources including journals, extensive news sources, over 300 commentary titles from the Sweet & Maxwell portfolio including The White Book, Archbold and Chitty on Contracts.


Human expertise

Behind the technology there is human expertise providing you with time-saving guidance.


Our team of editors analyse, categorise, and summarise the law, creating editorial enhancements to help you research more efficiently and with greater accuracy. 

Research Support

The industry’s premier team of legal research support professionals are available 24/7 to keep your research moving forward.

Technical specs

Supported operating systems

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Mac® OS 10.5 or later

Internet browser

Internet Explorer® 11 or later (Windows only) 

Mozilla Firefox current version or Extended Support Release version

Safari® 10.0 or later

Chrome current version 

Microsoft Edge current version

Other requirements

1024x768 or higher screen resolution recommended

Adobe Acrobat Reader® 9.0 or later (some print functionality is lost with older versions)

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