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Advanced legal technology

Carry out more efficient and insightful research with this bespoke tool set.

AI-Assisted Research

Use the power of the CoCounsel generative AI assistant to make better-informed decisions for legal research with speed and confidence. Gain access to high-quality answers generated only from trusted, comprehensive, and accurate Westlaw content.

UK Analytics

Uncover, display, and navigate complex networks by exploring the relationships of any UK legislation at any time. Quickly see the impact of newly published legislation and bills going through Parliament, and draft statutory instruments by viewing which UK legislation they amend, helping you uncover areas you might have otherwise missed and complete your research in record time.

UK/EU Divergence Tracker

Easily keep up with emerging differences between UK and EU law so you can remain compliant in both jurisdictions. As the UK takes control over critical areas of its regulatory framework, see at a glance how divergence may impact and provide opportunities for your clients and business.

Case Analytics

Confidently and quickly build a complete case history and transform your entire case research through meaningful data visualisation.

Legislation Alerts

Stay one step ahead of the latest amendments to legislation so you can proactively advise your clients or organisation about any changes. Legislation Alerts deliver key provisions and updates about their impact straight to your inbox, so you’re always the first to know.

Legislation Compare Tool

Quickly understand how the law will affect you, your organisation, and the industry at different points in time. Compare the changes that have taken place between any two versions of legislation across the UK, English, Welsh, Northern Ireland, and Scottish jurisdictions.

Judicial Interpretation

Seamlessly access case summaries that meaningfully interpret statutes so you don’t have to sift through all the Citing References to determine what is relevant.

Westlaw Questions 

Quickly find up-to-date, authoritative information on unfamiliar areas of the law and search commonly asked questions to obtain succinct results with important paragraphs highlighted.

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Content and editorial enhancements

Boost your research with the largest, most up-to-date collection of legal information.

Primary Law

Westlaw Edge UK offers a comprehensive collection of primary law, including case law, dockets, legislation, drafts, legal journals, current awareness alerts, and EU legal materials.


Access the most valuable legislation database in the UK, where fully consolidated legislation is updated daily. View and track bills and draft SIs from Westminster and the Scottish Parliament and see how the law stood — or could look — at a chosen date in time.

Case analysis documents

Save hours of reading time by viewing the case status and digest. The ability to quickly jump to the appellate history or graphical history makes complex cases easy to understand. Our case reporters attend court daily, so you can be confident you will have access to the latest judgments quickly.


Springboard your research in an unfamiliar area of the law with an integrated framework of 26 practice areas; each subdivided into two levels of subtopics. We are constantly adding new areas of law with the help of insight and knowledge shared by experts in the field.

Secondary sources

Access an unparalleled collection of resources with journals, extensive news sources, and over 300 commentary titles from the Sweet & Maxwell portfolio, including The White Book, Archbold, and Chitty on Contracts.

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Human expertise

The legal experts, editors, and support staff of Westlaw Edge UK make it possible to save time on research tasks without sacrificing accuracy.


Research more efficiently and with greater accuracy by relying on our editors to analyse, categorise, and summarise the law.

Research support

Keep your research moving forward 24/7 with the help of the industry's premier team of legal research support professionals.

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