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Strategic Insights

Trusted intelligence to enable the best strategic decisions

Trusted intelligence to enable the best strategic decisions

Strategic Insights is the only legal market intelligence tool that combines trusted financial performance metrics and timely global market research insights to deliver the independent evidence needed for firms to make the best strategic decisions.

Unlike others, our research examination process goes beyond static requirement analysis to ensure law firms stay at the forefront of the trends that matter the most to them and are armed with independent and empirical data to inform business plans, validate investment priorities, and set their strategic direction, positively and profitably.


Strategic Insights will ensure law firms can:

Benchmark and compare key performance indicators

Assess market position, using both financial and market research data, against customisable peer groups and the broader legal industry.

Stay on top of the latest legal market trends

Access timely commentary, based on empirical data, on key trends impacting the legal industry. Every quarter we reflect on current market conditions and update our research interviews to support the evolving needs of firms.

Inform strategic decisions with independent evidence

Develop initiatives with confidence and build partnership buy-in to strategies including mergers and acquisitions, geographic expansion, client relationship management, industry groups, pricing and brand positioning.

Sustained competitive advantage requires continual and customised review

Strategic Insights is designed to allow you to easily explore and examine key market trends and insights, but our expert analysts and advisory team are always on hand to support. Whether you have a quick data interpretation query, are looking for guidance in your strategic planning or for customised analysis to be undertaken to support your firm’s unique objectives, our team loves helping firms find ways to grow and improve. Every Strategic Insights subscription includes a dedicated analyst and two customised reports every year.

The secret to success

By providing access to independent evidence, law firms can inform and remove risk from strategic decision making, as well as more confidently plan new initiatives and investments that will drive their firm’s future more successfully.

Evaluate firm performance more effectively

Better position your firm to adapt to changing market conditions

Improve decision-making success with robust, independent data

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Strategic Insights, competitive intelligence not available anywhere else in the market

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