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What’s new on Practical Law?

General enhancements - October

New customised Current Awareness Alerts now live

For Practical Law subscribers we’ve added a new alert feature: customised current awareness alerts. Many customers told us our alerts are essential reading, but they wanted more control over content and timing. Those who log into Practical Law with OnePass can now:

  • Set alerts that combine practice areas; choose whole practice areas or just the topics you need
  • Set their preferred time and frequency of alerts
  • Easily see alert history
  • Manage all Practical Law alerts in one place

We can only do this for logged in OnePass users because Practical Law needs to remember different settings for different users. But to make the improvements available for our customers who still use IP access, we have designed the feature so that just one or two alert admins can log in and manage alerts for their colleagues at the firm.

Where are the new Alerts?

We’ve added this new feature under Alerts. Try it out whenever you like – you’ll need to log in using your OnePass account. Your existing alerts are still available under Email Preferences and there will be no interruption to your existing settings. 

(If you also subscribe to Practical Law US, Australia or Canada, these services are not affected). 


General enhancements-September

Enhanced Brexit, EU and EU Member State resources on Practical Law UK

As the end of the UK’s transition period approaches, Thomson Reuters Practical Law remains committed to keeping you up to date with all the latest Brexit and EU developments. Easily navigate between resources and stay ahead of new EU and country-specific legislation and developments as they unfold with Practical Law’s expanded coverage.

  • Access new trade and customs content to guide you through the new post-Brexit trade systems.
  • Easily access EU legislative and institutional developments all in one place.
  • See all practice area content on EU law on a new European Union country page.
  • Enhanced country pages covering local law for EU member states France, the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy, providing content on foundational corporate law matters and topical issues.*

However you interact with Europe after Brexit, reduce the risk of missing something important with the new-improved layout of EU materials on Practical Law, where you’re always getting the latest information and how-to guidance that gives you a head start.

*Subject to subscription offering. Please contact your account manager to discuss your subscription.

See new content on International Trade & Customs as new systems emerge

Stay up to date with enhanced country pages and EU member-state coverage

See EU legislative and institutional developments easily from the new EU Law Collection

Easily access practice area content on the European Union country page


New look for in-house resource centre

We have redesigned the in-house resource centre to organise Practical Law content into tasks that reflect in-house workflows. This recognises the fact that in-house lawyers frequently confront tasks that span a range of traditional practice areas.

The new layout enables users to quickly identify the different aspects of the legal matters they face by grouping all the relevant content from different subject matter experts together in one place. It also aims to make unfamiliar areas more accessible through carefully chosen Editor's picks and new task guides.

What's new?

  • Task based organisation of resources - enabling in-house practitioners to get to grips with a wide range of important in-house legal tasks
  • Refreshed look and feel - an intuitive layout and streamlined navigation building on our recent site accessibility refresh
  • New navigational toolbar - clear signposting and access to all in-house pages
  • Editor's picks and task guides - highlighting key content and guiding users through the new task pages

General enhancements -August

UI Refresh – Westlaw UK and Practical Law

The user-interface of Practical Law, Westlaw UK and Westlaw Books has been refreshed as part of the continuous improvement of our legal information solutions.

You will have noticed an updated look and feel, but with the same features and functionality, which allows us to meet the latest accessibility standards. We have also incorporated feedback from users and have developed a base for improved access on different screen sizes and mobile devices.


Heavy Industry Sector

Heavy Industry has launched as a new Sector which covers the construction and infrastructure sub-sectors. Heavy Industry will roll into the wider Sectors offering that launched last year and will be available immediately to customers who already have Sectors in their subscription. You can find out more about Sectors here.


General enhancements - May

User Guides - improved document display

Consult user guides while you use Practical Law, Westlaw UK and Online Books. You can now share user guides with colleagues via email, so new users to be brought up to speed on the product more easily. User guides can also now be printed, emailed and downloaded, and you can choose whether to view in hard or soft copy. Now that they are available offline mean they can be shared easily with colleagues.

General enhancements - March

There were three key enhancements on Practical Law UK in March. Following customer feedback, we’ve made it easier to use our materials offline and improved our Ask service submission form.

Document delivery enhancement
We’ve made it easier to use our precedent materials offline. In response to customer feedback, the delivery functionality for standard documents and standard clauses has been streamlined to make “Open in Word” the default delivery format for download, email and print delivery options. The “Open In Word” delivery output is the “draft ready” version of the document. These changes will apply to PL US, PL Canada, and PL UK in order to create a seamless user experience. 

Improved ‘Ask’ submission form
We’ve included more options within the Ask a question submission form, so we can pinpoint the exact information you are looking for, and provide a more tailored response.

Within the ‘Organisation type’ category we have added two new options called ‘Chambers’ and ‘Accountancy firm’. In addition, we have also revised and broadened the options available under the ‘Position’ dropdown for all the existing organisation types, and have a bespoke set of options for the newly added types.

Improved What’s Market page
Easily access transactions covered on What’s Market at a click of a button. We’ve included a link on the “Listing Rules transactions” deal type page to the other Class 1 transactions covered on What’s Market in the following deal types: Public M&A, Demergers and Joint ventures. Last month we added a Class 1 transaction facet on each of those three deal type pages, and now you can also access those Class 1 transactions from the new link on the Listing Rules page.

General enhancements - February

There were three key enhancements on Practical Law UK in February which improved your everyday use: the practice area pages have been refreshed, multimedia resources have been re-categorised and new fields and filters have been added to What's Market.

Refreshed practice area pages
Get easier access to key materials and content with an updated Featured section on each practice area homepage. Scroll through the sections for more readily available key content with just one click. All the Practical Law practice area pages have been revised to provide a more consistent experience across the site.

New ‘Video and audio’ resource type for Multimedia resources
The existing multimedia resource type has been renamed ‘Video and audio’ to better reflect the content available. It can be found under a new Multimedia and Publications section on the Resources tab of the Practical Law homepage and practice area pages.

What's Market: new Class 1 transaction field and filter
You can now filter the deals to see which ones were classified as a Class 1 transaction. A new field and filter option have been added to the Public M&A, Joint ventures and Demergers deal types.


What's Market: new field and filter in IPOs: Main Market
A new field and filter option have also been added to the IPOs: Main Market deal type, so you can now filter on the offerings that are within either the High Growth Segment or the Specialist Fund Segment.

If you would like to provide feedback on these enhancements, please contact our Product Development team.

Questions? If you have any questions or experience any difficulties, please contact our Customer Support team on +44 (0) 345 600 9355 or visit the Customer Portal.

Global Home enhancements

Introducing the new Global Home
February sees some exciting new enhancements to our Practical Law Global Home with an improved presentation of all Practical Law content, including the core Practical Law services (UK, US, Canada and Australia) along with our global content sets, to provide users with a consistent experience across the globe.

Key enhancements:
New interface – we’ve updated the global website, which can now be accessed seamlessly by clicking “Global Home” at the top of the Practical Law homepage.

A new global taxonomy – access all Practical Law content using a new global taxonomy featuring 14 global practice areas each broken down into topics.

Global In-house Resources – we’ve made it easier to find relevant global in-house resources with access from the homepage.

Featured countries – customise your homepage to display the countries of your choice.

Country Q&A Comparison Tool – now access from the home page and directly from individual resources, so you can quickly compare answers to key questions across multiple jurisdictions.

If you are unable to access any of these features and would like to, please notify your Thomson Reuters Account Manager.

Introducing the content within the Global Home, how to browse and other key features:

Global Home

What’s market updates – January

Compare up to 500 summaries at once
Previously capped at 100, the limit of summaries that you could compare has increased to 500. You no longer have to run multiple comparisons to gather all the information you need, but do it with one, larger comparison.

What’s market updates – December

2020 AGM deal types

Access the most up to date topical and relevant information in two new What’s Market deal types: “AGMs: AIM 50: 2020” and “AGMs: FTSE 350: 2020”.

‘One-click’ binary documents

Access What’s market documents faster – we’ve reduced the number of clicks needed to access source document PDFs. You can now scroll down and open the PDF straight away.

Filter by date range ‘From date’ & ‘To date’

What’s Market users can now filter deal summaries by any chosen date. Filter to summaries from any particular date period, either selecting deals before or after a certain time, or within a set period.

Functionality enhancements

What’s Market deal commentary

We have added a new commentary function in What’s Market which provides additional commentary on deals where there are particular trends, interesting or unusual deal features or other developments to highlight. Look out for the icon next to summaries on the deal homepages.

Click on the commentary icon to see a pop up box containing the commentary:

Every deal summary that includes commentary has the commentary icon next to the title. Click on the icon to go directly to the commentary section in the summary:

Character counter – Ask and annotations

The input boxes for both Ask and annotations/ notes have been enhanced to inform customers of the number of characters that they are permitted to enter. Firstly, a message will now display stating what the character limit is. In addition, a count will also show when a user is nearing the limit, and that count will turn to red when the user has exceeded the limit. A user will not be able to submit an Ask query or save an annotation whilst they have entered too many characters. They can however use the new character count to assist them as they edit their text to reduce the number of characters to be within the limit.

Delivery enhancements

Practical Law’s delivery output has been enhanced to provide improved formatting in delivered Word and PDF documents. The outcome is that downloaded documents are easier to read and have a cleaner, less cluttered appearance. The changes include improvements to spacing, font size, headings, line breaks and text alignment. The enhancement improves the delivery of all Practical Law resource types, most notably Standard documents, Practice notes and Matter Maps.

Functionality enhancements

Indication on search results that a standard document has FastDraft available

When running a search on Practical Law, users can now see which standard documents and standard clauses have the FastDraft functionality enabled. The green FastDraft logo now shows next to the title of the relevant resources.

Updated toggle button for multiple filters

We’ve updated the way in which you can opt to select multiple filters when narrowing down your search results. The new toggle button is more intuitive and easy to use.

Ability to add attachments to feedback form

We have added the ability for users to add attachments whilst they are providing feedback on the site via the ‘Feedback’ link in the footer. This enables you to provide us with more specific details when you’re providing feedback, assisting us as we look to continually improve our services.

Corporate convictions tracker

We have made additions to the Business Crime & Investigations corporate convictions tracker and have added the follow fields, providing more in-depth information on each case:

  • Case summary
  • Appeal
  • Appeal date
  • Appeal outcome
  • Company turnover

We have also added new filters, providing more options to narrow the results to a user’s specific needs:

  • Appeal
  • Company turnover range

Functionality enhancements

We continually release several functionality and feature enhancements to ensure you have the optimal experience in Practical Law. This month’s release includes:

Enhanced link builder feature

The link builder feature has been enhanced to provide the ability to create a shortened link to a specific section of the resource, enhancing the existing ability to create a link to the resource itself.

To create a section specific link, you will simply need to click the link builder (“Copy link”) icon in the delivery panel on the right side of the page, check the “Add section specific link” box, and either select one of the sections or search for one. The URL in the pop-up box will modify and you will then just need to click the “Copy link” button as usual.

You can then save the link to your bookmarks, share with colleagues via email or on your organisation’s Intranet.


Ask follow-up form

We have improved the process when a user submits an Ask question, receives a reply from a Practical Law editor and wishes to submit a follow-up response.

Users can now simply click a link in the email from editorial and will be taken to a form similar to the Ask form, to submit a follow-up query.

This response will then be added to the original Ask query in the editorial Ask system, allowing for easy engagement with the relevant Practical Law editor and more timely responses.

Let us know your thoughts
If you have any feedback on the enhancements, please get in touch.

New to Practical Law?
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Introducing Thomson Reuters Practical Law Sectors, our latest development to help you provide the most valuable and commercially relevant legal advice across a range of specialist industries.

Earlier this yeat we we launched our new content and pages for lawyers working in EnergyFinancial InstitutionsTechnology, Media & Telecommunications and Life Sciences, with more sectors planned for next year. See video on each sector here.

Practical Law Sectors provides you with in-depth sector analysis, sector notes, legal updates and a wide range of sector-specific content to help you take the right action with speed and confidence.

Content and Coverage:

  • Overview of the sector
  • In-depth sector analysis
  • Reuters news feed
  • Relevant multimedia content
  • Relevant content from Westlaw UK
  • Legal Updates
  • Key dates calendar
  • Tailored search functionality

How do you benefit?

  • All Sector specific content in one place
  • Keep up to date with the latest news in your Sector with a dedicated Reuters news feed
  • Task based browsing to help you find what you need, when you need it
  • Content aimed at any level of experience in the Sector, essential content for novices as well as experts
  • Two new resources: In-depth sector analysis and Sector notes
  • A list of recommended leading titles relevant to your Sector to help you with your research

Practical Law Sectors Practical Law Sectors

Access Sectors pages here.

Let us know your thoughts

If you have any questions regarding this enhancement or how your organisation can get access, please contact your Account Manager or get in touch.

New to Practical Law?

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New Discrimination collections page

A new collections page has been published on Practical Law covering everything for discrimination lawyers. The page is designed to assist those advising on discrimination law across all sectors regardless of their level of expertise and includes materials relevant to advisers acting for both businesses and for individuals.

Content and Coverage:

The content covers all parts of the Equality Act 2010, including:

  • Public sector equality duty
  • Employment and pensions
  • The provision of goods, facilities and services
  • The exercise of public functions
  • Property
  • Education
  • Membership of clubs and associations.

How do you benefit?

  • All discrimination resources in one place
  • Save time and view relevant materials easier
  • Access suites of template letters and checklists for use when advising clients on business discrimination requirements
  • Whether you are experienced or new to discrimination, broaden your discrimination expertise, enhance your commercial awareness and advise on a broader range of discrimination issues

Visit the Discrimination page today!

New to Practical Law?

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New Immigration collections page

A new collections page has been published on Practical Law covering everything for immigration lawyers. The page is designed to assist those advising on immigration law across all sectors regardless of their level of expertise and includes materials relevant to advisers acting for businesses.

Content and Coverage:

The content has a business immigration focus, covering topics such as:

  • Corporate Transactions
  • Employers
  • European Nationals and Brexit
  • Family Members
  • Process and Settlement
  • British Citizenship

The content is split between a range of resources including checklists, practice notes and standard documents which have been produced by experts within Practical Law and some of the top ranked immigration firms and lawyers in the UK. The collection also features links to useful websites, legislation, Home Office policy guidance and commissioned training videos.

How do you benefit?

  • All our immigration resources in one place
  • View key legislation and legal updates and access the information quickly and simply
  • Our content is valuable to both immigration specialists and those coming to it for the first time
  • Access suites of template letters and checklists for use when advising clients on business immigration requirements
  • The content ranges from in depth analysis to high level overviews and fact-sheets, with practical advice and considerations to bear in mind when advising clients which could only otherwise be gleaned through many years of experience in practice

Visit the Immigration page today!

New to Practical Law?

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Document Alerts

Available since February

Practical Law document alerts enable users to be emailed whenever a maintained document is updated on Practical Law. You will be emailed with the details of the latest update to a specific document. Because these are alerts for a specific document, they can only be set up from that document. They cannot be set up directly from the Alert Centre.  Alerts can be set up to track the following types of content (provided they are marked as maintained):

  • Practice notes (including practice note overviews)
  • checklists
  • toolkits
  • standard documents
  • standard clauses
  • Q&A

See full guide here.

Set up email alerts to be notified when maintained documents have been updated by our Editors, and ensure you’re working with the latest information.

Let us know your thoughts

If you have any feedback on the enhancements, please get in touch.

New to Practical Law?

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Update to the Business Crime & Investigations page

We have made changes to the BCI homepage. You will now see four new topics:

  • Privilege
  • Criminal liability
  • Consumer protection offences
  • Offences prosecuted by local authorities

We have also rearranged the topics on the BCI home page which are now organised by Criminal Investigation and Procedure, Business Crime Offences and Prosecuting Authorities’ Investigation and Prosecution Powers. This will make it easier to find relevant content and give an enhanced browser experience. The corporate convictions tracker can now be accessed from the right hand side of the page.

If you are a subscriber, see the new content on the BCI page here.

Let us know your thoughts
If you have any feedback on the enhancements, please get in touch.New to Practical Law?

If you do not yet subscribe to Practical Law and would like to access the resources, request your free 30 day trial today.