Bet you didn't know...

There’s more to Westlaw UK than meets the eye.

So much more than traditional legal research, discover what more you can do through our series of quick introductions to top time-saving features.


We subscribe to Westlaw UK, which works very well with Practical Law. It’s helpful to be able to click through from Practical Law resources to the underlying legislation and law reports on Westlaw UK.

Paul Branford, Advocate, Callin Wild

Keep an eye on the competition

Did you know? You can keep an eye on your peers or competition by setting up an email alert or RSS feed to deliver tailored news straight to your inbox or intranet. 

Find the perfect article

Tip: Use the filters when searching within Journals to refine searches by topic, date and document type. You can quickly narrow your results to editorials, Q&As or Case comments.

Keeping it simple

Did you know? That you can search using plain English. Just select ‘Natural Language’ from the homepage and type in a question, or phrase into the search box.

Delve into definitions

Did you know? You can quickly find a statutory or judicial definition of a word or phrase. Use the Definition search box within Cases or Legislation to pinpoint perfect primary references.

Be case confident

Did you know? You can set up a case alert to be notified whenever something happens to a specific case – if it changes status, an appeal is lodged or it gets cited elsewhere.

Navigate the complex

Did you know? Our annotations provide information about the scope, interpretation and application of provisions.  Quickly identify and understand any implications and ambiguities in new and recent legislation.

Get guidance

Did you know? Westlaw UK now includes regulation and guidance materials issued by official bodies or non-governmental organisations as well as HMRC Manuals.  

Stay up-to-date

Use Westlaw UK as your one-stop-shop for current awareness. Updated every 5 minutes, you can view the latest news from over 1000 sources of information.

Paint a picture

Did you know? As well as the text of legislation, full text case law and journals, Westlaw UK includes related images such as charts, tables, diagrams and photos

Relationships – it’s complicated

Tip: As well as lists of related cases and the history of a case, Westlaw UK also provides a graphical display enabling you to quickly digest and map the history of a case.

Bill tracking

Did you know? As well as providing the text of Bills from Westminster and Scottish parliament and selected private member bills, you can also track the progress of the Bill and even see the impact the Bill would have on current legislation. 

All your research & know-how in one place 1

Did you know? If you have subscriptions to both services, you can get direct access to Westlaw UK primary law content through Practical Law practice area topic pages.

All your research & know-how in one place 2

Did you know? If you have subscription to both services, you can get direct access to Westlaw UK primary law content through Practical Law resource pages.