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There’s more to Practical Law than meets the eye.

Discover what more you can do with the UK’s preferred legal know-how service, through our series of quick introductions to top time-saving features. 

Thomson Reuters Practical Law offers barristers a valuable research tool both for updating familiar areas of law and for introducing unfamiliar areas of law. It saves you vital research time, benefiting from a user friendly search function, relevant content and useable materials. This is further enabled by the support and training offered as part of your subscription.

Jane Russel, Barrister, Essex Court Chambers

Practical Law can be your Continuing Competency partner

Tip: There are several ways Practical Law can help you demonstrate your continuing competency. One way is to save your reading and learning in a folder, add notes and share it with the relevant people in your firm.

Putting the practical in law

Did you know? Our BCI tools include the Sentence Calculator, which is an interactive tool that helps you calculate the range of fine for a corporate criminal offence. Choose the offence, the culpability, the harm and adjust for seriousness to generate a notional fine.

One size doesn’t fit all

Tip: Our know-how comes in multiple formats so you can read bite-size overviews or long-form documents.  See information visually in flowcharts or transaction ‘Matter Maps’.

Don’t get left behind

Tip: Get up to speed on key topics in your industry and how they relate to the law by reading our articles on subjects such as AI, the internet of things, agile working and many more.

Hot or not

Did you know? You can use Practical Law to stay up-to-date with the latest news and analysis about with our 'Hot Topic' articles and discussions.

So what?

Did you know? Our case updates include an expert comment section, which can enable understanding of the case and its legal implications from an expert.

Draft smarter

Tip: Use the drafting notes within standard documents to help you draft better documents and analyse the content and implication of each clause.

Become a speed reader

Tip: Digest the content of a resource in a matter of seconds with our ‘Speed Read’, which distils the principles into a short digest.

Highlights and annotations

Tip: Personalise your research with inline notes and highlighting for your reference, or to share with colleagues.

Save your snippets

Did you know? There is no need to save an entire document when a snippet will do – copy and extract the key elements of your research to collate or review.

Training made easy

Did you know? Practical Law now offers a variety of new resources including blogs and videos, covering business and soft-skills.  Everything from mastering the financials to reviewing business plans.

All your research & know-how in one place 1

Did you know? If you have subscriptions to both services, you can get direct access to Westlaw UK primary law content through Practical Law practice area topic pages.

All your research & know-how in one place 2

Did you know? If you have subscription to both services, you can get direct access to Westlaw UK primary law content through Practical Law resource pages.