Legal e-billing software

Automate work and optimise legal spend with Legal Tracker

Maximise efficiency and value with a world-class legal operations platform offering spend management solutions

Streamline operations and reduce annual legal spend by up to 15%

Automate manual processes

Boost efficiency and save time and money with automated invoice review, legal billing guideline enforcement, and rate management while streamlining communication with outside counsel.

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Quickly generate financial reports and dashboards on legal spending

Review, measure, and predict spend and demonstrate your legal department's value to the overall business with robust reporting, powerful AI analytics, and unrivaled benchmarking tools.

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Efficiently manage legal matters

Reduce outside legal spend while increasing stability with legal matter, firm, and rate benchmarking powered by the market-leading library of corporate legal spend data.

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Access generative technology with Legal Tracker

Enhance the invoice review process and increase savings with natural-language processing and advanced multi-language models.

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The value of Legal Tracker

Complexity made simple with the software most widely used by legal departments

Proving your legal team's value to the business can be tricky. Building on Serengeti Tracker's legacy, Legal Tracker's spend and legal matter management software provides the tools you need to clearly demonstrate your department's worth.

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Frequently asked questions

How does legal spend management promote transparency and accountability?

Legal spend management promotes transparency and accountability by providing clear visibility into legal expenditures, both internally and externally. By implementing effective spend management practices, organisations can track and monitor legal costs, identify potential inefficiencies or overspending, and hold internal teams and external vendors accountable for their financial performance. This transparency helps ensure responsible resource allocation and fosters a culture of accountability within the legal department and the organisation as a whole.

What metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) do organisations typically use in legal spend management?management?

Legal spend management uses various metrics and KPIs to assess and track the financial aspects of legal operations. Commonly tracked metrics include total legal spend, outside counsel costs, cost per matter, budget variance, cost recovery rate, matter cycle time, and spend by matter type or practice area. These metrics provide insights into budget adherence, cost control, efficiency, resource allocation, and overall financial performance within the legal department or organisation.

How can legal spend management software help control legal costs?

Legal spend management software provides visibility and control over the expenses associated with legal matters. It allows businesses to forecast costs for matters, track and analyse their legal spend, identify cost-saving opportunities, and enforce budget controls. The software can automate invoice processing, track matter-specific expenses, and provide real-time analytics — enabling organisations to make informed decisions, negotiate better rates, and optimise legal spending.

How can Legal Tracker's legal spend management software assist with budgeting and forecasting?

Our Legal Tracker software helps organisations budget and forecast by giving them real-time visibility into legal expenses, historical spending patterns, and cost projections. By analysing past spending data and trends, the software helps set accurate budgets, identify potential cost-saving opportunities, and make informed decisions regarding resource allocation. It enables organisations to proactively manage legal expenditures and make more precise financial forecasts for legal operations.

How can Legal Tracker's legal spend management software assist with matter management and tracking?

Legal Tracker provides a centralised platform to track and monitor legal matters throughout their lifecycle. It allows organisations to capture and analyse data related to matter costs, budgeting, invoices, and overall financial performance. With the software's capabilities, organisations can gain better visibility into matter status, expenses, and resource allocation to facilitate informed decision-making and effective tracking of legal spend.

Can Legal Tracker's legal spend management software integrate with existing financial systems?

Yes. Through application programming interface (API) integrations, Legal Tracker can seamlessly connect with financial systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting software, allowing for streamlined data transfer, synchronisation of financial information, and unified reporting capabilities. This integration enables organisations to consolidate financial data, enhance accuracy, and gain a comprehensive view of legal spend within their existing financial infrastructure.