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Legal intake and self service

Deliver agile legal services to better meet the growing needs of your organisation

Establish new levels of legal department efficiency

Standardise the legal service request process, analyse intake data, and enable your business customers with self-service contract assembly and legal guidance from HighQ.

Enhance your reputation with fast response times

Deliver essential legal services quickly and efficiently, positioning your team as a valuable facilitator – and free up your team for high-value strategic work.

Analyse organisational demand and spot risk

With a complete record and audit trail of legal demand, you can easily track metrics and spot risk areas in the business.

Enable self-service legal tools

Give people across your organisation access to legal checklists, guidance, and more. Plus, business users can generate preapproved, standard legal documents with automated safeguarding workflows.

Case study

InfraRed Capital Partners

See how InfraRed automated time-consuming investment processes with third parties, relieved internal resources, and eliminated unnecessary email.

Power to integrate with HighQ

See how your legal department can enable legal intake and self service with HighQ