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Law Firm Client Portals

Keep clients up to speed on matters with a secure, personalised client portal.

Securely collaborate with clients

HighQ Client Portals improve your lawyer-client relationships by giving clients 24/7 access to legal information and materials specifically tailored to their matters and needs. Say good-bye to phone tag and to multiple emails. Now you have a centralised location to keep everything in one place, resulting in faster and easier communication with your clients.

Client portals

Streamline communications

Easily share documents anytime, anywhere to maintain strong lawyer-client communication and relationships. From matter overviews, to billing statements to ongoing conversations, law firm client portals can house it all. Give clients fast access to self-service features like document drafting, e-signatures, and tasks. Access graphs, charts, and trackers right at your fingertips. Instant notification of client activity helps improve responsiveness, and a record of communication and messages ensures you never lose a detail.

HighQ Client Portals in action

See how easy it is to create mobile-friendly law firm client dashboards in 3 steps.


Benefits of Law Firm Client Portals


Client portals for law firms are intuitive and easy to adopt for any client. Parties can easily upload and share documents and benefit from real-time tracking and discussion.


Maintain privacy and confidentiality as you communicate with clients. The fully encrypted client portal safeguards all your clients’ data.


Give each client—and user group—their own personalised experience that only shows the relevant information. Portals serve as a branded digital lobby—a place where you both can meet.

Switch on collaboration

See how you can use HighQ client portals for more seamless and secure communication