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Evidence management

Case Center for local government

Discover a better way to create, prepare, and present digital bundles

Transform the way you produce bundles

Tackle rising caseloads with Thomson Reuters Case Center. Increase productivity throughout the lifecycle of a case by producing dynamic, automatically paginated and indexed bundles that are presentation-ready from first upload. With all files in one place you can review documents, PDFs, images, videos, and audio in a single, secure platform.

Optimise case preparation and presentation

Increase productivity by digitising bundle processes so you can focus on higher value strategic tasks. Create template cases to speed up case creation and standardise bundles across your organisation. Whether a hearing is held in person or virtually you can direct others around the bundle in real time, eliminating the time taken to turn to a specific page in a lever arch or search a PDF.

Protect sensitive data

Gain flexible and secure end-to-end case access for complete control. By inviting users to materials in one location, you can securely grant time restricted, file restricted, and redacted case access. Share files that are either too large or too sensitive to send via email, with a complete audit trail of all user actions tracking who has seen what and when, so you always remain in control of your data.

Connect remote teams

Using the right tools is critical to staff morale and retention. Case Center supports organisations that want to give their staff purpose-built tools to build, review and present bundles in a single, secure system. With bundles stored in the cloud, cases can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, facilitating cross-location collaboration and flexible working.

Simplify case coordination

Everything uploaded to Case Center is added to a master bundle which acts as a central repository. As not everyone needs access to the entire bundle, you can create multiple sub-bundles of materials that can hold selected sections, documents, and even document pages. If you need to gather materials from outside of your organisation, you can allow external users to upload directly into the case via a direct link.

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