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Practical Law is the only legal know-how with over 600 full-time, dedicated and experienced legal editors creating resources across the globe. Because their sole job is to monitor the laws and create content to help you navigate the areas of unknown, they can pivot quickly and address the changing needs of the market.

Hear from Michelle Wheeler, Director, on how editors bring their passion and practical experience to serve their customers

Michelle Wheeler,

Hear from Paul Brooks, Senior Editor, on how Practical Law helps you to navigate the complex

John Brooks

Listen to Robin Bolivar, Senior Editor, discuss how to make the law more clear, precise and understandable

Robin Bolivar

Hear Marco Rinaldi, Senior Editor, discuss the creation of Scots Law resources to help busy practitioners

Marco Rinaldi

Listen to Jillian Paton, Senior Editor, discuss how Practical Law editors were able to quickly create resources in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

 Jillian Paton
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