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Turning complexity into clarity

Practical Law + Westlaw Edge: A combination of expert Brexit insights with intuitive research tools

Navigating beyond Brexit

The transition period has ended. Many questions remain. The UK government and the European Commission have published the draft agreements and draft declarations which comprise the agreement in principle on the future UK-EU relationship that was reached at the negotiators' level. Legal professionals will have to make sense of this for their clients while keeping track of the new regulatory framework as it develops.

Confidently, advise clients and mitigate the high-impact risks surrounding the post transition period with the most current and high-quality insight possible.

With the unique combination of Practical Law and Westlaw Edge, you can get up to speed quickly and stay ahead of the game.


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Example scenario: A food producer is thinking of branching out into spirits, and has plans for a cider brandy distillery based in Somerset. They need to know what the regime on geographical indications will be after the end of the transition period (31 December 2020) for UK brands; this is currently governed by a number of directly applicable EU regulations.

Separately, they are exploring setting up a distribution centre in the EU as a base for marketing their other products, and want to know more about establishing a company in France.

Start with a search in Practical Law for the new “geographical indications” (GI) regime after the end of the Brexit transition period. The first resource listed in Practical Law search results is spot on.

This Practice Note explains that there will be a new national GI regime from 1 January 2021. The detail is set out in the draft statutory instrument (SI): the Agricultural Products, Food and Drink (Amendments etc) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020. Click the “Related Content” button to navigate to the Brexit statutory instruments tracker.

Use Practical Law’s Brexit statutory instruments tracker to locate the draft Agricultural Products, Food and Drink (Amendments etc) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 in the Intellectual Property section. You can see the draft SI’s current status in the Parliamentary procedure column, together with a link to the legal update and a brief summary.

Next, click the Westlaw UK link

Next, you're ready to learn how to navigate Brexit legisrlation on Westlaw Edge UK. Click the link "Agricultural Products, Food and Drink (Amendment etc.)(EU Exit) Regulations 2020 (Draft)" to view how the draft SI amends retained EU law.

Click on the Arrangement of Draft link to view the table of contents.

To see what the existing spirits regime will look like post-transition, click on “Regulation 17”, which amends EU Regulation 110/2008.

Open Article 1 in the text of regulation 17.

To see the retained EU legislation, click Version 2 to see how the UK government plans to introduce changes at the end of the implementation period. Or click on “View proposed draft amended version” link to see the impending changes from the draft SI.

Use the Compare versions button located above the timeline to show highlighted amendment changes between two versions.

After seeing how the latest changes have been implemented into UK legislation you need to understand how the law has diverged in the EU in order to comply with their regulations ahead of expanding your business into France. Click on the UK/EU Divergence button located above the “Compare versions” button in any retained EU provision to compare the UK changes with the equivalent EU law by selecting “UK Prospective Law” and the “EU version.”

Lastly, you return to Practical Law to gather information on setting up a distribution centre in France. Visit the Practical Law Global homepage and click on France.

From the France country page, click the Formation of Business Entities collection to review materials on choosing a business structure in France.

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