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Navigating beyond Brexit

The transition period has ended. Many questions remain. The new body of retained EU law has now been created, the remaining withdrawal agreement provisions have come into operation, and the future relationship agreements (including the UK-EU trade and co-operation agreement) have started to apply on a provisional basis. Legal professionals will have to make sense of this for their clients while keeping track of the new regulatory framework as it develops.

Advise clients confidently and mitigate the high-impact risks surrounding the post transition period with the most current and high-quality insight possible.

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Beyond Brexit: Practical implications for businesses

Navigating this complex and ever-changing landscape with confidence and efficiency. Join this webinar for a practical discussion on the implications of Brexit and how businesses can successfully stay on top of upcoming changes:

  • Issues the UK-EU legal landscape raises for businesses
  • Tips on staying current given the ongoing uncertainty
  • Managing risks and optimising opportunities in a post-transition world

How Practical Law and Westlaw Edge together can prepare you for divergence from EU law

Example scenario:  A food producer is thinking of branching out into spirits, and has plans for a cider brandy distillery based in Somerset. They need to know what the regime on geographical indications is looking like now that the transition period ended on 31 December 2020 for UK brands; this was previously governed by a number of directly applicable EU regulations.

Separately, they are exploring setting up a distribution centre in the EU as a base for marketing their other products, and want to know more about establishing a company in France.

A powerful combination: 

Practical Law and Westlaw Edge

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Save time drafting documents using up-to-date Standard Documents and Clauses on Practical Law. Move away from manual checking, so you can focus on the work that matters most with Westlaw Edge.

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