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Easily retrieve over 230,000 litigation matters currently preparing for trial and stay on top of important case developments on Westlaw Edge and Westlaw. 

With UK Dockets on Westlaw, you can:


Instantly access case docket information by court, party, representative, legal issue and more. Quickly identify new and growing areas of litigation.


Never miss a new event and stay current on litigation involving your client or competitors. Create daily alerts on dockets of specific interest, or by party, representative, or legal issue.


Find key litigation events that exist within a docket by easily viewing motion and outcome data from Case Analytics.

Create alerts and perform advanced searches

Search and browse for cases via court, party, representative, legal issue, and other criteria. Create daily alerts on new cases, specific courts or parties, and other information.

Track cases in one place

Track individual cases and be alerted to any changes. Access in one place every step of the case journey from a claim being filed to judgment and through the appeals process.

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