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UK Dockets offers real-time updating, enabling users to efficiently find, track, and understand litigation in the UK High Court and Supreme Court with functionality and content offered only on Westlaw.

UK Supreme Court Dockets coverage enhances your docket search. One search result for a party, case status or filing date will bring together what would typically take several different searches to find.

With UK Dockets on Westlaw, you can:


Instantly access case docket information by court, party, representative, legal issue and more. Quickly identify new and growing areas of litigation.


Check for the latest developments with real-time updating. Create daily alerts on new litigation, specific courts or parties, and other information.


Link from a docket to unique case analysis and content sets on Westlaw UK to easily understand the complete litigation picture.

Create alerts and perform advanced searches

Set alerts to receive daily updates to stay on top of important case developments. Search and browse for cases via court, party, representative, legal issue, and other criteria.

Track cases in one place

Access every step of the case journey from a filed claim through the appeals process. Easily retrieve court dockets in the UK High Court and Supreme Court.

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