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In law, the rules are constantly changing and you never know when you’ll find yourself on unfamiliar ground or need to quickly pivot. Thomson Reuters® Practical Law helps you navigate the unexpected and get up to speed quickly with always-updated resources. Whether it’s a crisis, an unfamiliar matter, or an ever-evolving issue, Practical Law provides comprehensive insight and answers to your “how do I” questions.

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Understand the issues

Practical Law’s resources are created and maintained by a team of over 600+ full-time global expert editors. They create resources to help you quickly understand what’s important and why. 

Improve response time

Access straightforward how-to guides and clear explanations of current law and practice that give you a critical starting point and cut down the time you spend searching — so you can respond with speed and confidence.

Keep business from walking out the door

You may not have the time to run your practice and learn the nuances of every practice area, yet this shouldn’t stop you from giving your customers guidance in areas less familiar to you. With Practical Law, you'll spend less time getting up to speed in each evolving area of law, allowing you to provide guidance in differing practice areas with confidence.

Maintain an unrivalled reputation

Stay ahead of important legal developments and avoid costly write-offs with access to fully consolidated legislation, updated daily. Never miss key information by setting daily alerts straight to your inbox. Evaluate the law quickly and make decisions with confidence by accessing expert case summaries and digests from the complete Westlaw UK archives.

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