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Do legal clients care about what technology you use?​

So many things have changed over the past few years, but one thing remains constant – clients expect exceptional experiences, and firms that fail to deliver on this expectation may lose out.  

The challenge is that as the world has become more connected and digital, delivering service that meets expectations can prove difficult – unless you have the right technology in place. And the reality is that today’s digitally savvy clients actively care what technology you are using, because this underlying technology is what drives the quality of their experience.  

Here are four aspects of the client experience that can be affected by the technology tools you’re using:  

  1. Technology can enable more transparency with clients 
  2. Technology boosts productivity for you and your client 
  3. Technology secures data and file sharing 
  4. Technology saves you communication and collaboration headaches 


While you are working tirelessly on your client’s case, they want to be able to access the latest updates. But calling or sending messages repeatedly to try and get hold of an attorney who may be involved in other cases is inefficient. Creating a space for your client to access their case information and other related materials themselves will save valuable time and allow for richer conversations between you and your client, now that they don’t need to call you for an answer that is readily available to them.  

A client portal can give clients 24/7 access to the information they need quickly and easily, removing a point of friction for both parties and allows your client to feel valued. 


Working behind the scenes on greater efficiencies can improve the client experience without the client even knowing it. This includes things like automating and simplifying your workflows, which turns time-consuming and repetitive tasks into automated, intelligent processes. 

Finding ways to simplify your processes not only makes your job easier and boosts your productivity, but it can also have a significant positive impact on your clients. Having technology that helps get unbillable tasks done faster leaves you more time to work on things that truly matter to your client. 

Looking for more information on increasing productivity with automation processes? This guide simplifies the conversation and helps you understand, evaluate, and implement document automation at your firm. 


With the highly sensitive nature of much of the data law firms have access to, and growing global concern around the protection of personal information, security is one of the most important elements of an exceptional client experience. Law firms need to be able to reassure their clients that their information is safe and secure, because a data breach can ruin the trust that is the cornerstone of an attorney-client relationship.   

Technology is a critical element in maintaining this trust. For example, secure file-sharing tools not only simplify the process of document sharing, they also maintain control over sensitive documents at all times, while virtual data rooms can be used for fast and secure exchange of files and other sensitive information. 


Communication is the foundation of any relationship, and attorney-client relationships are no different. A successful law firm relies on happy clients, which in turn relies on effective collaboration. A lack of communication can become extremely frustrating, especially when it comes to a critical legal matter. 

In an always-on digital world, the lines have blurred, and clients expect to be able to communicate and interact outside of what is considered traditional working hours. Finding the balance of effective communication while protecting lawyers’ personal time is essential to client satisfaction, and that’s where the right technology solution is invaluable.  

A unified team collaboration tool can help your firm share documents, communicate and work together with clients in the right place at the right time. Future headaches can easily be avoided by having one place where every party can go to find answers, connect with the right people and share knowledge, future headaches can be avoided. 

Trust is everything 

Clients are the foundation of a successful law firm, and the key to retaining clients, growing the client base and ultimately becoming more successful is making sure clients are happy. Today’s clients are more connected and digitally driven than ever before, so the technology tools you use have never been more important. If you can empower your clients with technology solutions that enable them to find the information they need, including self-help tools for simple requests as well as tools that enable them to communicate effectively and feel that they are valued, this will go a long way toward ensuring success.  

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