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Creating a seamless legal transaction management workflow has never been easier

Introducing the first end-to-end transaction management solution 


Whether big or small, closing a deal means managing countless details, including hundreds or thousands of documents, multiple parties and jurisdictions, and numerous rounds of revisions. Add a tight timeline and a limited budget and you’re bound to encounter a few bumps. While you probably wouldn’t try to manage all this without a few digital tools, insufficient technology can contribute to many delays in transaction due diligence.  

According to a 2022 customer survey by Thomson Reuters, some firms (perhaps including yours) juggle between 5 – 10 technology systems to manage a single deal. Hopping between programmes can cause disruptions to your workflow and can jeopardise the security of sensitive client information. Not to mention the frustration to busy associates and partners working to critical deadlines. A new comprehensive transaction management solution from Thomson Reuters can ensure you spend less time navigating technology issues and more time doing more strategic and meaningful work.

end-to-end product screenshots at various transaction stages

“This end-to-end solution connects HighQ, Contract Express,  Document Intelligence and content from Practical Law into a seamless transaction management platform. Plus, when deal teams require more complex closing assistance, the integration with Dealcloser meets that need. We’re thrilled to offer lawyers best-in-class capabilities accessible from a single platform, eliminating the need to navigate between systems.” 

– Sebastiaan Bos, Thomson Reuters Senior Director of Product Management


Introducing the first end-to-end transaction management solution from Thomson Reuters 

See how you can manage transactional work more efficiently, mitigate risk, and provide a superior client experience.

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In each step of a deal process, this end-to-end platform can solve critical problems and be a single source of truth and transparency.   

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A secure environment A superior experience


1. Preliminary processes and documents 

The start of a new deal can be energising for all involved. However, client intake and onboarding can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Using standardised processes from your virtual data room can give you a kick-start and boost your client’s confidence in the project workflow. And, with just a few mouse clicks, you can generate preliminary agreements from ready-made templates or your firm’s customised ones.  


2. Due diligence 

The sheer scale of the data involved in an M&A deal can be overwhelming. You must balance the possibility of lawyer burnout with the risk of missing vital clauses or information. Here’s where the advantages of artificial intelligence really show. Properly trained and trusted AI can automate document identification according to parameters such as date, language, type, etc., and then extract essential clauses for added speed and accuracy. Once identified, documents are organised for review and analysis. Such machine-assignable tasks take the load off lawyers who can then address the issues that require legal expertise. 


3. Transaction documents 

The keys to the deal are in the transaction documents. The drafting process, while critical, can be laborious. Every client deserves customised, strategic documents that specify the fine details of their transaction. But that doesn’t negate the value of templates. The templates contained in this new end-to-end transaction management solution can provide consistency and compliance. Plus, integration into the Microsoft ecosystem means staying within your Word environment when editing a template. 

Revisions and version control of transaction documents can also cause you unnecessary headaches. Coordinating document review among multiple parties can be time intensive but automation with Thomson Reuters solutions enables a more efficient approach. Its end-to-end project management capabilities help track projects with real-time status updates. 


4. Regulatory filings and approvals 

Navigating the complexities of regulatory requirements can be burdensome and intimidating. Having a programme that manages filings, disclosures, and deadlines relieves much of the anxiety that can come with these requirements. 


5. Closing 

As you approach the finish line, all parties must complete their tasks on time. Chasing down signatures can be logistically challenging. Assignments and reminders keep parties on-task. Simplified checklists and status updates speed up this process with added accuracy. Insights and closing books can be seamlessly created from the work done in previous stages.  

Our integration with Dealcloser enables teams to manage the closing process – all within HighQ.  


6. Post-closing 

The deal is done – but is it? Integration of the two entities begins, and Thomson Reuters solution helps identify objectives, priorities, 100-day plans, and management guidelines with dashboard visualisations of project status. Alerts can ensure ongoing compliance with post-closing obligations and commitments. Staying within the pre-close digital environment means the flow continues into integration for all parties. 


A secure environment 

Confidentiality and security, never more important than in closing a deal, can be delicate to manage in a multi-user, time-constrained situation. In Thomson Reuters end-to-end transaction management solution, you can assign permissions and contain resources in one platform for added security.  


A superior client experience 

A merger or acquisition can be a nerve-wracking experience for companies. Combined with your expertise and customer care, the end-to-end transaction management solution from Thomson Reuters can put clients at ease. Seeing the status of the deal in real time, understanding the security of the platform, and learning the risk-mitigation strategies help clients focus on the business at hand. 

Elena Folkes, Thomson Reuters Director of Market Development adds,

“Corporate legal departments are looking to firms to provide efficiencies, visibility over the entire deal lifecycle and are seeking strategic partners that can move beyond transactional legal advice. Thomson Reuters end-to-end transaction management solution was built with exactly this in mind.” 


A superior lawyer experience 

Closing a deal is seldom without a few unexpected bumps in the road. If every deal were the same, you might not feel the thrill of completing a transaction. But eliminating re-occurring, procedural issues with an end-to-end transaction management solution means keeping the momentum going and avoiding delays. It also means less stress, happier clients, and more firm profits. On to the next deal.  


Learn how Thomson Reuters transaction management solution helps teams boost efficiency, reduce errors, and close deals faster.  

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