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Automating the client experience: Is your firm keeping up?

Historically, legal clients have turned to lawyers for their knowledge and expertise. Today, technology has increased the ease and speed with which clients can access a wealth of legal information, tools, and resources. The result? The pendulum has shifted — placing more power in clients’ hands.   

More than ever, law firms need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and provide value to clients who are demanding more but want to pay less. By focusing on creating an optimal client experience, firms can appeal to and retain even the most discerning clients. 

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  What do clients look for in a law firm?

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  How technology can improve your client experience


Does your client experience measure up?    

While it seems obvious that a law firm cannot exist without clients, many firms fail to provide an experience that caters specifically to – and prioritises – those clients. Yes, every law firm says they value and put clients first. However, there’s often a disconnect between the experience that firms think they’re delivering, versus the one their clients feel they are receiving. 

What can law firms do to create an experience that meets clients’ expectations and improves retention and referral rates? Technology can and should play an integral role in your client experience.   


What do clients look for in a law firm? 

Let’s face it, today’s legal clients expect a lot. They want an easy way to communicate with their lawyer 24/7. They want to be able to collaborate quickly and complete simple tasks on their own rather than wait for a lawyer to do it. They expect that their lawyer will not only understand but also be able to anticipate and quickly address their needs and concerns. They want information and tools that are customised to their unique requirements. Most importantly, they want their legal issues resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

When it comes to delivering on this growing list of client expectations, many firms are falling short. By leveraging technology solutions that include capabilities like a secure client portal and document automation platform, firms can vastly improve the ease, speed, and efficiency with which they communicate with and deliver legal solutions to clients. 


How technology can improve your client experience 

Document automation technology allows lawyers to create and share legal documents that are specifically tailored to each client’s needs and specifications. Using a secure client portal, lawyers and clients can communicate and collaborate in real time, saving both parties the time, confusion, and frustration that often results from back-and-forth emails. 

Having access to a variety of legal resources boosts client satisfaction and helps them feel empowered. The real payoff for your firm? You become the trusted one-stop resource where clients know they can quickly get the answers and results they need. In turn, clients keep coming back with bigger and more profitable matters, and your retention and referral rates, along with firm revenues, increase.     

As the legal industry evolves, firms that fail to not only deliver on, but exceed, clients’ expectations may not survive. If you are concerned that your client experience is falling short, it’s time to invest in a technology solution that improves efficiency, delivers results, and puts clients first.  

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