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How expert lawyers save time on their legal matters

In this blog, learn the secrets to:  
  • Staying on top of what you (and your clients) need to know 
  • Gaining deeper insights – even faster 
  • Customising the end-to-end process for your specific legal matters 

These days, the law is anything but the slow-moving profession people perceived it to be of old. True, legal matters will always require careful deliberation and a thought-through approach. But just as the businesses law firms advise move fast, it’s imperative that lawyers are agile. You need to be able to get up to speed quickly on unfamiliar or highly complex areas of law and stay abreast of rapidly evolving issues.

That means you need reliable, up-to-the-minute research tools at your fingertips that can easily and instantly take you to the relevant, current insight, know-how, guidance and associated resources you need. 

Practical Law is the go-to solution of choice for all these requirements, helping lawyers find information efficiently and accurately, saving valuable time in the process so that you can get on with the matter at hand sooner. Now, even more time-saving features and functionality have been added to enable you to: 

Stay on top of what you (and your clients) need to know

Brexit is perhaps the clearest example we’ve seen in recent times of an extremely complex issue that’s in a constant state of flux and that touches on a huge range of areas of law and regulation, with significant impacts on businesses, individuals and even the UK constitution. Staying informed on all its shifts and nuances could be a full-time job in itself, if it wasn’t for Practical Law. 

The legal implications of this momentous decision are covered comprehensively as Brexit unfolds, via a dedicated Brexit-related resource page that hosts a wide range of links to exclusive content and specially-curated intelligence on the latest developments and their significance.  

Here, you can quickly access Brexit-related topics across all practice areas and sectors, monitor changes to the law, and be guided through post-Brexit trade systems. An interactive Brexit timeline shows users all the relevant content for the UK’s post-transition relationship with the EU. Trackers flag the latest developments and alert you to legislation as it is drafted, amended, published and enacted. Plus, there are handy links to external resources such as Brexit-related Acts and agreements, EU institutions and UK government departments. 

Gain deeper insights, faster

Lawyers need to get straight to the nub of the issue. They may just need a primer or they might require a full deep-dive into a topic and related areas. Making their search for information simple yet powerful is key.

With Practical Law Premium’s new ‘Knowledge Map’ feature, you are able to explore topics and resources by visually navigating through Practical Law.  

This allows you to get a full picture of your matter, zoom in on specific areas or identify issues you may have missed so you can complete your research faster. And all our resources are interlinked across subject lines and practice areas, so there are no silos to slow you down or hold you back from finding what you need. 

Customise the end-to-end execution process for specific matters

Much of the time, the resources you’re looking for will need to be easily applicable to the specific matter you’re dealing with. What do you do with the knowledge you’ve gleaned in a specific area? What are the next steps you should take? To answer those questions, Practical Law Premium now provides you with ‘Interactive Matter Maps’. These give a graphical representation of all the phases and core tasks that need to be carried out as you plan, manage and execute a legal matter, along with links to related resources. They can be customised to your matter so that you’re only shown the tasks that are relevant to your exact requirements.  

If you think you’re using Practical Law to the full, it might be time to ask yourself: can it give us even more? Depending on your specific requirements, it may be worth re-assessing the different options on offer.  

Practical Law Premium is the next-level solution that delivers an even greater range of time-saving, research-enhancing features, bringing the issues into sharper focus than ever and making it even easier to apply that knowledge to your matter.  

If you are ready to take the next step in experiencing the power of Practical Law Premium, submit this form to speak to your representative. 


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