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The Hearing: Episode 89 – Special *2021 Yearbook* Episode

21 Dec 2021

We could try to make a witty or poignant comment about this year, but we respect you all too much for that. We all know what 2021 was – and it wasn’t the antidote to 2020 we’d hoped for (oops, there’s the comment).

We know what it was, however – it was another smashing year for The Hearing. We introduced two wonderful new hosts – Yasmin Sheikh and Becky Annison – to join Joe Raczynski. Each bringing their own perspectives and specialist legal backgrounds.

In this bumper episode, we’re revisiting our favourite interviews. It’s been another varied year and there was never a dull moment. But whether we were speaking to celebrity judges, lawtech innovators or examining current affairs through a legal lens, you’ll notice a common theme – fact and truth. Less common, but just as welcome, was the singing.

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If any of these highlights whet your appetite for more, here’s where you’ll find the full conversations:

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