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The Hearing: Episode 79 – Freddy McConnell

This episode’s guest doesn’t give up: he didn’t give up being himself, he didn’t give up his desire for children and he doesn’t give up fighting for others, even when that means taking the government to court. Yasmin Sheikh is speaking to journalist, trans activist and father, Freddy McConnell.

Freddy is a dad who gave birth. This story is excellently told in the film Seahorse, which documents his journey to becoming a single dad. Yasmin was also keen to talk to Freddy about his court battle to be named as the father on his son’s birth certificate. They discuss Freddy’s discovery of the legal realities for trans parents in the UK, and how the legal system views men who choose to give birth.

Freddy’s journey through the courts isn’t over yet and he’s taking his case to the European Court of Human Rights next. He’s part of a global LGBTQIA movement trying to use the legal system to help every family be recognised as their everyday selves.

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