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The Hearing: Episode 80 – Brain injuries in sport: where is the duty of care?

THE CROSS-EXAMINATION – In this episode Becky Annison talks to Katie Fudakowski, a safeguarding specialist at Farrer & Co, and Sophie Beesley, a personal injury barrister from Old Square Chambers, to discuss the law around duty of care to sportspeople who suffer head injuries in the course of their profession.

Rugby World Cup winner Steve Thompson is one of eight rugby players who recently revealed they’re suffering from early-onset dementia. Steve says he can no longer remember winning that 2003 World Cup. The eight players are suing for negligence. They claim the sport’s governing bodies failed in their duty of care to players, despite risks of concussions being “known and foreseeable”.

With some experts predicting the case will settle out of court, Becky, Katie and Sophie examine the legal rights our sporting heroes are entitled to.

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