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Adapt and innovate in the face of change: a report from the ‘Knowledge Management Forum 2019’

Businesses and law firms are currently experiencing a significant period of change. From the uncertainty of Brexit, to the exponential growth and transformative impact of technology and its influence on systems and workflows. Our new environment is forcing organisations and knowledge managers to think seriously about how they will adapt and thrive.

With so many technological innovations available to the legal sector, law firms have a variety of options how to improve efficiency, provide superb client care, and improve the bottom line. However, there is always a potential risk that the new technology is not fully embraced by the law firm—losing out on the maximum benefits.

Recently, the 8th Annual Thomson Reuters Knowledge Management Forum was held in London. The forum was chaired by Ian Rodwell, Head of Client Knowledge and Learning at Linklaters. The event brought together the leaders from some of the world’s most innovative law firms for compelling and engaging presentations and discussions. Attendees got the opportunity to learn what the role of the future knowledge manager looks like and how they can best develop themselves and their teams to adapt and innovate in the face of change.

Following the conference, a report has been published ‘Thomson Reuters Knowledge Management Forum 2019 Report’. The report offers an overview of the sessions from the conference—and key takeaways from the speakers, along with visuals that represent the audience responses to surveys and live polling during the day. In addition, there are insights from the conference that provide actionable steps, and are worthy of deliberation for any organisation embarking upon a changes or improvements to their client and internal systems and services. Key points are on the efficiency and value derived from a well-planned knowledge management programme—as well as the ways in which an organisation works with and views knowledge. Understanding the real and perceived values is essential in the efficacy of a knowledge initiative.

For more insights and key points—download a copy of: ‘Thomson Reuters Knowledge Management Forum 2019 Report’.

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