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Recent updates on Westlaw UK

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April release notes

This month, we are releasing several enhancements to Westlaw UK. We’ve extended our popular Legislation Compare Tool to include EU Legislation. It is now easier to access Law Reports and Journal Publications by using the Homepage search, and we’ve made improvements to delivery of Legislation content.

Legislation Compare Tool*

We have extended our Legislation Compare Tool to EU Legislation, enabling you to track, analyse and report on changes to EU legislation quickly and easily. You can now compare two versions of legislation across EU, UK, English, Welsh, Northern Ireland and Scottish jurisdictions. Key sections will be highlighted to easily view textual differences in legislation.

*Please note, a subscription to Westlaw Edge UK is required for access.

General Enhancements

Homepage Search for Law Reports and Journal Publications

Quickly find and access Law Reports and Journal Publications. Search for a Law Report or Journal Publication on the Westlaw UK homepage to navigate straight to the relevant page. Available on 14 April 2021.

Legislation delivery improvements

We have made improvements to delivery of Legislation content to improve readability and enable you to quickly see where a provision sits in the context of the whole legislation document.

To find out more about any of the above enhancements, please get in touch with the Product Development Team or request a free trial.

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