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Spotlight on Case Law


We spoke to our editors about their work and how it brings value to our customers.

Q&A with Rachel Higgins, Advanced Editor, Westlaw UK Cases Department

Q: What is it that makes Westlaw UK Case Law Team so unique?
Rachel: We’re a very passionate team. We have real pride for what we do, with each case that you write or each record that is set up, everything is important and it’s had input from multiple team members. For example, if we’re unsure of something then we’ll have an hour discussion about which word to use in a digest. It’s that passion and drive to deliver the best quality content that makes us never settle for just being ‘good enough’.

I think it’s important for our customers to understand our passion and how much we care for what we’re producing. For every record, someone cares about it; someone has taken the time to make sure that it’s perfect to go online for them. It’s not just done by a robot, there’s a person and often several people behind each digest.

Also, most people on the team have a legal background. There are ex-barristers, ex-solicitors, and people like me that have undertaken the legal practice course and it’s that level of expertise and the drive to put something out there that really has had a lot of care taken over it, it’s accurate and something that can be relied on.

Q. Is there any unique training experience that you have to undertake before you can work in the Case Law Team?
 When you first join you’re given a training schedule, which lasts for about three months. It’s quite intensive in places but it means that before you begin there’s investment and effort being put into you to make sure that you’re at the level required. It means that our customers are only getting the very best content. 

I think it’s important for customers to know that everything that we put online, it’s not just put through some automated system and then it appears, someone has actually typed in party names, they’ve typed in a case citation.

Q. Why do you think our customers rely on Westlaw UK?
Rachel: I think customers can trust that we’ve got the best team because everybody knows that everything that goes up has to be accurate, and it’s got to be online as quickly as possible for the customer. You know if a high profile case is published they need it the very next day. They can trust that we’ll do that.

For each case on Westlaw UK there is a case digest with it that’s had a lot of treatment from the production team and from the writing team. The high level of care that we’ve got for each record means that we repeatedly go over them to make sure that we’ve got it right for customers.

I think they rely on Westlaw UK because they know that it’s accurate. When the case goes up it’s had a lot of thought behind it, it’s not just a broad brush sort of digest that’s getting published, it gets down to the nitty gritty.

Q: What do you love about your job?
Rachel: I love that every day is completely different. There are always little new challenges that are thrown up to you. I like working with my team, I think the most valuable part of my job is the people that I work with.