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Westlaw UK: The leading legal research service

Westlaw UK is a dynamic, ever-growing and easily searchable source of case law, legislation, news, legal journals, commentary, current awareness alerts and EU legal materials.

The people behind the content

Westlaw UK

We’re proud to employ the best legal editors in the business.
Meet some of the team that works tirelessly to get the best content on Westlaw UK in the fastest possible times.
Our editors share their insights on why our customers trust Westlaw UK for up-to-date, authoritative and actionable content that gives them bulletproof confidence.

Westlaw UK Editorial team


Westlaw UK - Spotlight on Legislation

Q&A with Sandra Blackwood, Editorial Team Manager, Westlaw UK Legislation Department

Case Law

Westlaw UK - Spotlight on Case Law

Q&A with Rachel Higgins, Advanced Editor, Westlaw UK Cases Department

Court Reports

Westlaw UK - Spotlight on Court Reporters

Q&A with Kerrie Lloyd-Dawson, Specialist Editor and Court Reporter

Westlaw UK provides us with up to date case law and legislation, which is imperative in giving accurate advice to clients. Westlaw UK is of greatest benefit to the Council’s Legal Services, particularly with the ease in which it can formulate its advice when providing a service to other Council departments. Westlaw UK will undoubtedly benefit the Council overall.