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Thomson Reuters Legal Europe

Choice of three roundtable sessions

Workshop 1:

Setting targets

  • What type of targets, timeframes, reporting, ensuring success?

 Kuljit Bhogal, Cornerstone Barristers

Ensuring fair opportunity

  • How to take the bias out of work and promotion opportunities to ensure fairness for all


  • How to put together a 50/50 shortlist

Clare Beresford, CEO, Laurence Simons


Workshop 2:

Making mentoring and sponsorship a success: Hear from a male and female who have experience of sponsoring a female lawyer to a successful career.

  • Ensuring a quality and mentoring process
  • Top tips around a good mentoring programme
  • What has worked and what hasn’t worked. Hear from upcoming senior leaders as to what they want and need from the programmes

Susan Bright, Regional Managing Partner, Hogan Lovells

Jeremy Barton, General Counsel, KPMG

Networking events

  • How can you make this work for everyone – overcoming natural social groups and making networking a bonus not an extra burden
  • Intersectionality – planning more creative events balancing the needs of all parties


Workshop 3:

Flexible and agile working practice

  • How to make programs successful with take-up from both men and women of all ages and seniority regardless of whether they have family commitments or not
  • How can you involve people at different stages of their career?
  • How can a firms equity system flex to reflect life style choices?


Using data to identify barriers to diversity in each practice

Paul Byfield,  Legal Knowledge Manager, European Bank for Research and Development (EBRD)


Working with clients to further gender diversity

Considering Intersectionality

How to cooperate with other internal networks (e.g. LGBT+, Disability, Generational, Ethnicity)?  

What are your clients wanting from your organisation on inclusion? 

What are within the client tenders?  What is the external image of your organisations?  

Emma Cusdin, Director, Global Butterflies