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Jim Delkousis

Jim Delkousis, CEO & Founder of futuristic AFA/RFP platform, PERSUIT, is transforming ‘how’ in-house legal departments are engaging outside counsel. Prior to the launch of PERSUIT, Jim was a BigLaw partner for 17 years; showing him the gross inefficiencies in the way organizations engage and buy outside counsel services – which was RIPE for revolution! In the age of technology, where other departments and industries are using sophisticated tools and automated workflows, he couldn’t understand how the legal function was still stuck in manual processes and spreadsheet HELL! Specifically, the way that companies had engaged their panel law firms would soon transform into the digital space to become centralized, streamlined, automated and data-driven. So, we built PERSUIT! Designed for enterprise-wide collaboration between in-house attorneys, legal operations staff and legal sourcing professionals, allowing clients to centralize and provide oversight enterprise-wide for all engagements, reduce legal spend through competitive bidding and streamline and automate the AFA & RFP process.