Knowledge Management Forum 2019


Knowledge Management Forum 2019

Showcasing innovation and collaboration in knowledge

Knowledge Management Forum 2019

The business and legal worlds are currently encountering a significant period of change. From the uncertainty of Brexit, to the exponential growth and transformative impact of technology and its influence on systems and workflows, our new environment is forcing firms and knowledge managers to think seriously about how they will adapt and thrive.

The 8th annual Thomson Reuters Knowledge Management Conference brings together the leaders and forward thinkers from some of the world’s most innovative law firms for a compelling one-day event, where you will learn what the role of the future knowledge manager looks like and how you can best develop yourself and your team to adapt and innovate in the face of change.

The conference will feature top-level keynotes, practical breakout learning, interactive sessions and more.

Key themes include:

  • Getting KM represented at board level – how to get my voice heard
  • Gaining buy-in and taking ownership
  • What does a properly functioning knowledge culture look like?
  • KM at the point of need within the lawyer work-flow
  • Emerging technology and what next for KM systems

Full conference agenda and keynote speakers will be announced shortly.

Conference Details

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Etc. Venues - County Hall

Riverside Building,

Belvedere Rd,


London SE1 7PB



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This year’s Knowledge Management Forum will be held at Etc. Venues in the iconic County Hall.

County Hall just a short walk from both Westminster station and from Waterloo station.