Company Secretary Forum 2019


Company Secretary Forum 2019


09.00 Introductions and welcome


09.15 Keynote: CEO Perspective: Preparing yourself and your role for the business environment of the future

  • What’s on the 2020 horizon and beyond? 
  • What does the CEO need from the Company Secretary to add strategic value to the business?

09.50 A year on: The board of the 21st century

  • What is the role of the Company Secretary in shaping the board, supporting succession planning and planning for the future?
  • What is the appetite in the Boardroom to make change?
  • How to influence Boards to change the running of Board meetings  
  • Bringing Artificial Intelligence, digital and cyber into our board room


10.40 Morning coffee


11.10 Breakout sessions

Breakout session 1: Building tomorrow’s talent pipeline for governance professionals

Skills matrix coming through. What opportunities can we offer?

  • What plans do you have in place to develop the talent pipeline. Board apprentice schemes etc.
  • How will recruitment processes be different in years to come?
  • Mentoring and exposure

Breakout session 2: The role of the company secretary in adding value and supporting the Remuneration committee

The role of the Rem committee is set to change. They will be required to go further to demonstrate that executive pay outcomes are fair and reasonable/engage with the workforce

  • The role of the Company Secretary in acting as a bridge
  • Understanding what the executives, remuneration committee and shareholders want to achieve
  • The role of the Remuneration Chair  in relation to changes to Directors' remuneration following the SRD
  • Pay and pensions

Breakout session 3: Putting the Wates principles into practice for private companies

This session will give you a clear understanding of how private company governance requirements apply to large private subs within listed groups.


12.30 Practical insight panel session: Assessing, implementing and reporting on stakeholder engagement practices

This session will look at the practical steps to address Section 172

  • Prioritising stakeholder interests
  • How is that written in an annual report?
  • How to meaningfully report against it without breaking boundaries?
  • How does the Company Secretary advise the Chair and engage with the CEO?
  • What are other organisations doing?
  • How do you collate the views of customers, employees and stakeholders?


13.15-14.15 Lunch


14.15 Keynote speaker and panel discussion: Putting together a case for sustainability and preparing for climate control reporting requirements  

  • Does your board think it’s a risk or an emerging risk?
  • Explaining the benefits to your team
  • Balancing tensions between stewardship activities (code) and pressure from investors
  • Role of Company Secretary in preparing and getting this on the Board agenda
  • What practical actions are needed? What is the role of the Company Secretary in enforcing this?


15.00 Afternoon tea


15.30 Breakout sessions

Break out session 1: Practical steps to develop and maintain a diverse board

  • How are boards assessing their company's culture on a global level?
  • Where are with code and culture?
  • How does the wider board encourage wider diversity and how can the Company Secretary help promote it? What mechanisms can you use to help the board?
  • Practical intervention methods
  • Mentoring and reverse mentoring

Breakout session 2: Practical considerations for the 2020 audit committee

  • The role of the audit committee
  • What should audit committees be doing this year? Challenging management?


16.20 Summary and discussion around day’s key practical takeaways


16.50 Interactive session: Managing the boardroom dilemma

A session designed to put delegates and speakers in real world scenarios to test their decision-making process


17.30 End of day followed by drinks and networking

Conference details

Tuesday 19 November 2019

QEII Centre,

Broad Sanctuary,




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+44 (0) 207 542 3986 or email


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